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BusinessBenefits of apps for hotels and visitors

Benefits of apps for hotels and visitors

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There are technically two different types of apps for hotels, which can be highly beneficial for the businesses using them:

  • Apps for the hotel itself 
  • Apps for guests to use 

In both instances, the ultimate goal is identical.  For a hotel business to thrive in an era of such ferocious competition, the guest journey must be flawless from start to finish. In short, anything you can be doing to improve the guest journey is something you should be doing.

A couple of eye-opening statistics to put things into context:

  • Four out of five last-minute reservations are made via mobile devices
  • The average conversion rate on an app is 5x that of mobile web

Whichever way you look at it, we’re living in a near-total mobile era for today’s hotel guest. One in which hospitality technology providers like Nonius are fronting the charge for innovation and evolution.

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How Mobile Apps Benefit Hotels and Guests

Think of it this way – every benefit and convenience for the guest adds up to a benefit for your business. While the human element will always be important, there are so many processes and activities that can be automated for the benefit of everyone involved.

In terms of how the latest mobile apps can benefit hotels and guests alike, here are just a few advantages of leveraging the latest technology:

Convenient Check-Ins and Departures

A prompt, professional and welcoming check-in can be an enjoyable experience. In other instances, guests arrive exhausted, angry and wishing to get to their rooms as quickly as possible. Something that often coincides with a build-up of guests queuing at the check-in desk.

A common issue, which can be eliminated from the equation with a mobile app that allows guests to check in and check out using their mobile device. Your front desk workers are there if guests need them, but can be more or less bypassed if they don’t.

Direct and Immediate Notifications

In a typical hotel establishment, there’s a fair amount of information that needs to be communicated at the time of check-in and throughout the guest’s stay. 

Restaurant opening times, breakfast times, check out times, local attractions, hotel amenities, special offers and so on. With a custom mobile application, guests can access all information they need instantaneously via their device. 

The convenience that saves them a trip to reception and frees up resources for the business. Best of all, any important notifications that need to be sent to all guests can be sent instantaneously and simultaneously at the touch of a button.

Eliminate Language Barriers

A benefit that needs no detailed explanation, as it’s possible for any mobile hospitality application to be provided in any number of languages. Perfect for communicating all important information with each and every guest you welcome, with absolutely no language barriers to worry about. 

Adjustments to Requirements

It’s also possible for a dedicated application to be used for the purpose of making adjustments to a stay that’s already commenced.

Guests may wish to check availability, extend their stay, check out early, add breakfast to their booking, make a reservation at the spa, book a wakeup call and so on. All perfectly possible via a mobile app, allowing guests to find the information they need and take action at the touch of a button.

A welcome convenience, with the additional option of being able to send messages and requests directly to the front desk, restaurant, housekeeping department etc.

Improved Guest Engagement

Mobile applications can be uniquely useful in the collection of feedback and nurturing guest engagement. Along with providing access to exclusive special offers and instant loyalty program rewards, you can also make it much easier for guests to leave comments, reviews, ratings and recommendations.

All of which adds up to the kind of priceless information you can use to improve the service you provide. For example, you could automate a prompt whereby guests who dine in the hotel restaurant automatically receive a request to review their meal and share their thoughts.

Invaluable Analytics

As an added bonus, it’s worth remembering how bespoke mobile apps for the hospitality industry empower the proactive business with invaluable analytics.  From top level management through to sales, marketing and customer relations, this is the information you need to take your business a step further.

Analytics provide all the insights you need to improve on any shortcomings, while at the same time leveraging your strengths.

The collection, analysis and use of this kind of data should form the core of your long-term business plan. At least, if you intend to remain ahead of the competition indefinitely.

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