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Understand the importance of agenda management in the clinic


It is important to have an excellent agenda management at the clinic to be successful and minimize the impacts caused by the volume of information, personal and work demands.

This aspect is even more important because patients also face these challenges and the doctor needs to offer an increasingly human and empathic experience.

But how to manage the agenda in order to achieve these goals? What are the advantages and benefits of effective management? What problems can be avoided?

Want to know the answers to all these questions? Check out this post!

How to do agenda management in the clinic

The vast majority of doctors serve in more than one office. Some, in addition to working in private clinics, also have their own practice.

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The more establishments, the more complex the management of this professional’s agenda becomes, as each location has different systems, desks, schedules and procedures.

The best way to deal with these factors is to use software such as electronic rostering system software that facilitates the management of your clinical agenda, integrating all your appointments in a single place that sends reminders, and is multiplatform, that is, accessible through various systems, such as: Windows, Mac and smartphones.

It is also necessary to have customizable electronic medical records, enable financial control and, above all, be easy to operate, as the tool should help and not hinder your productivity. As additional tips, consider grouping similar appointments, defining feasible intervals between each appointment.

Also count on a good receptionist and delegate tasks effectively!

Advantages of schedule management for doctors

Medical record always at hand

The patient often meets the doctor outside the clinic or needs to ask questions in a different location from where the care took place.

An effective management system allows the doctor to have the patient’s medical record always at hand and can offer the best care.

This is useful in emergency cases as well, allowing for quick consultation of patient information, such as allergies, for example, and rapid care.

Better preparation

Having all the patient’s history always at your disposal facilitates your preparation before the consultation or procedure.

The doctor can use the time in the taxi, for example, to analyze the patient’s history and already think about the questions he will ask, in addition to the possible diagnoses.

More control

It is much easier to control your work if the information of all patients is concentrated in a single environment, regardless of the number of clinics you provide.

This domain of information is also important for financial control.

With an integrated schedule management system and financial module, you know how many visits you have made in each clinic and how much you should receive in a given month.

Patient satisfaction

The patient is delighted when he notices that the doctor knows each of its details, shows interest and does not perform the service in a hurry, due to the long queues. The result of this will be loyalty and the indication of your work to new potential patients.

Problems that are avoided

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, with the correct schedule management you will avoid a series of problems, such as the high number of missing patients. With the SMS appointment confirmation system, you can reduce the number of absences by about 30%.

It is a great challenge to do agenda management at the clinic.

Our tips will make the process easier and more practical. In addition to helping to reduce costs and increase profits, the most important thing will be to see people’s happiness when faced with a clinic and a doctor who are organized and always seek the best for the patient.