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5 Most Common Private Jet FAQs


Have you ever fantasized about owning a private jet? Unless you’re Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, you likely will never be able to afford one. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a taste of what it’s like to fly in the lap of luxury, though. Whether you just want to enjoy the high-class interiors or you want to have a more flexible flight schedule, hiring a private jet company has plenty of benefits. Of course, doing so often comes with lots of questions as well.

1. What Does It Mean to Charter a Private Jet?

Unlike commercial airlines, which allow you to purchase a single seat on a plane full of strangers, chartering a private jet involves renting the entire plane. Whether you are flying by yourself or with a group of people, the cost of a charter jet will remain the same. There is one cost that may fluctuate, though. Most countries have passenger taxes, but rates vary based on the airport. Because of this, you will receive a more detailed quote when you provide information about where you’ll be flying.

2. How Safe Is Traveling on a Private Jet?

Private jet aircraft management must follow guidelines that are just as rigorous as the ones set forth for commercial aircraft. The entire industry is known for its safety record and commitment to following regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. Aircraft management goes beyond ensuring rules and regulations are followed, though. Private jet companies also manage the flight crew, flight coordination, in-flight services, accounting needs, and much more.

3. What Happens When Private Jet Passengers Arrive at the Airport?

The required steps to board a private jet at an airport depend on the airport. While some have separate terminals for those using private jets, others have buildings known as fixed-base operator. An FBO is usually just a smaller version of the larger, commercial airport. It includes dining options, a lounge, meeting rooms, and restrooms, as well as typical security check-in options. The terminals for flying on a private jet are much quieter and faster. In fact, the average private flyer spends only 10 minutes in the FBO before boarding his or her plane.

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4. What Services Are Provided During the Flight?

The in-flight services provided in a private jet depend on what you want and how creative you are. For many people, the most important part of in-flight service is the menu. You can choose a luxurious meal with top-shelf liquor, fun finger foods, or anything in between when you plan the menu in advice. When choosing your private jet services, you’ll also want to consider entertainment options, such as movies, music, WiFi access, and a variety of reading materials.

5. How Does a Private Jet Charter Compare to Fractional Ownership?

When researching private jet charters, you’ve probably come across the term “fractional ownership.” When you charter a private jet, you pay to use a plane that someone else owns, which means your travel plans depend on whether the owner is using his or her own plane. This is typically a good option if you are only traveling once or twice a year. However, if you travel at least 50 hours a year, you might want to consider fractional ownership. Fractional ownership allows you to share the cost of buying and operating a private plan. Think of it as the “homeshare” option for the skies.

When you need a Los Angeles jet charter, you need to research to find the best company for the job. Consider the cost, safety awards, and overall reputation when calling local charter jet companies.