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A Guide to Different Types of Velvet and Their Uses

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Velvet used to be a fabric that was popular with royals. It underwent an intricate weaving process that is made by hand, making it expensive. Satin was the only material used for making this fabric before.

As time has passed, there are now other materials used, giving way to different types of velvets. Plus, power looms are now available, so manufacturing is faster, also making velvet fabric more affordable for everyone.  If you are interested in using this fabric for your projects, we have listed the different types below, as well as their uses.

  • Silk velvet. The silk fibre is used in making this fabric. It is a blend of silk and rayon, which gives that soft finish perfect for draping. It can be used for creating different clothing items like coats, skirts, and vests; although it’s popularly used for making flowing gowns. Aside from clothing, it’s also used for furnishings. 


  • Cotton velvet. Cotton is smooth, soft, and breathable, making it one of the favourite materials not just for clothes, but for bed sheets and other bedding too. It is different from cotton velveteen as these two fabrics have their unique properties. Another property of cotton velvet is its stretch, making it a comfortable material for various garments. 


  • Plush velvet. It has a polyester backing and has longer pile, making this garment soft. It’s commonly used for furniture and upholstery. Another popular use is for making stuffed toys, thus the term plushies or plush toys. This fabric is also used for the manufacturing of hats and dresses.


  • Velveteen. It’s not really a velvet material, but it is a fabric made to imitate it. Also called velveret, it’s made of cotton and sometimes a blend of cotton and silk. It is heavier than velvet, and it also does not drape well. Some of its popular uses include the creation of gowns, linings, bedspreads, pants, skirts, and sportswear.
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  • Crushed velvet. Also called crinkle velvet, it got its name because of its appearance, which looks crinkled or crumpled. It also has texture and shimmer, making it ideal for tops and scarves. It gives a luxurious feel to items. 


  • Panne velvet. It’s a type of crinkled or crushed velvet, only a stretchy kind. It is often made in polyester that could either be knitted or may come with elastane. This fluid material is mostly used for dresses, costumes, and other types of clothing. 


  • Cut velvet. It’s a fabric with a velvet pattern and voile or chiffon backing. It’s usually used for upholstery and home decors. Different styles, colours, and patterns are available. Designers also use it for making bags. 


  • Velvet microfibre. It is a blend of micro-denier and polyester, which is lightweight and plush-like. Some of its characteristics are easy maintenance, and stain and dirt resistant. It is also commonly used for upholstery. 


  • Nylon velvet. Like velvet microfibre, it’s also lightweight and easy to maintain. Plus, it has a luxurious look of cotton and satin velvet, without the high price. 

These are some of the common types of velvet fabric that you can use for your project. See which of them is ideal for your needs.

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