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Student bullied out of college after receiving Boris Johnson Brexit cake for her 18th birthday

AN A-LEVEL student was bullied to the point of missing school after her parents gave her a Brexit birthday cake.

Poppy Millward was told by online trolls she was “inbred” and should be “kerb stomped” after she posted an image of the cake, which features an “edible” Boris Johnson.

Poppy, 18, suffers from anxiety and was so upset by the abuse she missed several days’ study at college.

The politics student is a staunch Conservative and Brexit backer, despite living in the traditionally Labour-supporting village of Buckley, Flintshire.

Poppy received the cake – complete with the slogan “Let’s Get Brexit Done” – on January 10, the day of her 18th birthday.

The cake came complete with a mini Boris

She posted a picture to her Snapchat story which was then copied by classmates and then uploaded to Twitter.

Poppy then suffered a stream of abuse.

@FarisSaifelden shared the image of the cake with the caption: “F*** right off as if a Tory has actually got this cake for their 18th.

“Needs a wee kerb-stomping if you ask me.”

Lewis Keegan added: “That’s taking it too far, sort it out inbred.”

@lunaline wrote: “Literally couldn’t think of anything more depressing than receiving this vile piece of s*** (no offence to the cake makers).”

Gary Burgess said: “What a sad state of the UK when this is the sort of thing the young C***-servatives are asking for in their birthday cakes.”

Megan Rose-Taylor added: “The screenshots have a point, you are an inbred.”

And Conor Adams commented: “I like how you make Boris skinny. Blatantly lying to look good does fit well with the Tory theme.”

However, some people did come to Poppy’s defence.

Poppy was delighted with her cake

Tom Bowell replied: “I’m a proud Labour member and strongly dislike the Tories for their disastrous record in government but this tweet is rather mean.

“It does nothing for our movement and is just plain nastiness for the sake of it.

“Grow up and cut it out man, let’s focus on the important things to criticise!”

A distraught Poppy posted an emotional status the next day calling out the abuse. She wrote: “That’s it, I’m name calling.

“This is disgusting. The birthday cake was a surprise off my parents because it’s my hobby and subject choice and I was really happy with it.

“Why is it funny to make fun of someone’s 18th birthday cake and ruin their happiness about it because of your political opinion?

“This isn’t a ‘oh just ignore them thing’, this is the stuff that solidifies anxiety I have and makes me think about for weeks.

The abuse forced her to take time off school

“This is the stuff that makes me scared to go outside and it’s not me being over-dramatic.

“This will lead to me being scared to be happy and believe what I want to believe.

“I literally feel so ruined and i’m not going to not share this because it’s not something I can ignore.

“It was my 18th birthday, and it made me happy. Sorry you feel the need to make fun.”

Speaking today, Poppy said: “It started with me just posting the cake and getting 30 screenshots on my snapchat, but that didn’t bother me because obviously my area is a Labour area.

“Then I came home from work and saw the tweets trying to publicly embarrass me, saying I should be ‘curb stomped’ and I’m ‘inbred’.

“I made the status to effectively do what they did to me – call them out. The only difference was that they were the ones who had done something wrong.

“I suffer from anxiety as mentioned, and it lead me unable to go to sixth form for a few days following it.

“Now every time I’m there I usually have my coat up and sit away from public areas.

“I was really nervous to be in public for a while and it felt like everyone’s eyes were on me.”

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