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Bizarre video shows man casually dump dead fox on lawn as he strolls along residential street

BIZARRE video shows a man casually toss the body of a dead fox on to a front lawn as he strolls in a residential street.

The same individual chucks other items of rubbish on to the neighbouring lawn as he passes houses in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, on January 7.

The disturbing incident is now being investigating as a case of fly-tipping by the local council, which has appealed for information about the identity of the man.

As the clip begins, the hooded man can be seen ambling down the road at around 1am.

In his left hand hangs the body of the fox which he swings back and forth as he walks.

As he approaches a garden, he lobs the fox which lands on the grass.

The dead fox can be seen being tossed onto the front garden.

He continues down the road and opens up a bag of rubbish onto the next garden, emptying its contents over the lawn.

He then casually tosses the bag back onto the garden and walks off.

The distressing footage was shared by White Horse District Council yesterday.

They posted the footage with the caption: “Our envirocrimes team is investigating a case of fly-tipping where someone dumped a dead fox and a bag of rubbish onto front gardens in a residential area of Abingdon.

“We have CCTV of the incident which happened in Appleford Drive at just after 1am on Tuesday 7 January.

The video was posted onto Facebook and an investigation is now underway.

“If you have any information about this incident which could help the investigation please could you contact our envirocrimes team by email [email protected] or call 01235 422403.”

The clip caused disgust among social media users.

Sarah Jones wrote: “What the hell!?”

Elaine Ormsby-Jarman added: “Scary to think there are weirdos like that amongst us. Poor fox.”

Emma Orange said: “What a revolting human.”

And Mark Surman replied: “Scum!”

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