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Dad wages one-man war on drivers with “invisible kids” who abuse parent and child supermarket parking spaces

A FRUSTRATED father has declared war on abuse of parent and child parking spaces at supermarkets with a one-man campaign.

Simon Harris, from Hockley, Essex, is leaving flyers on cars parked by motorists who – he sarcastically claims – appear to have “invisible” children.

The dad-of-three says he is fed up with people “taking the p***”.

The social media manager’s campaign has divided opinion, with many parents praising Simon for highlighting the issue, while some claim there are “bigger fish to fry.”

The 36-year-old first began flyering cars back in July last year and has continued ever since.

Simon is fed up with childless people abusing the spaces

Photos show his sarcastic pamphlet which reads: “VDS Awareness. Got kids with Visibility Deficiency Syndrome? Support is out there. You don’t need to struggle alone!”

The accompanying photo shows a stick man parked in a parent and child parking space flanked by “invisible” children.

Now Simon has launched an online campaign to go alongside his flyers, inviting parents to contact supermarkets and complain themselves.

He posted a status on his Facebook page, Man Behaving Dadly on Thursday [23 Jan]saying: “Enough is enough! It’s time for supermarkets to step up.

“Parents in Britain are sick and tired of ‘parent and child’ spaces being abused by those who do not have children, and let’s face it – you don’t care.

“You have the authority to apply ‘charges’ in the same way that any private car park operator can through adequate signage and having an attendant on site, and you don’t bother.

“You know full well that this member of staff would quickly pay for themselves due to the sheer number of people who still take the p***.

He goes on to blast precious BMW owners, “entitled” elderly couples and “literally everyone who gets away with it because they know they can”, before suggesting a £40 fine for those breaching the rules.

Rachael, Emma, Luke and James with their dad

He continues: “Step up guys. There’s money to be made by doing the right thing here, and surely every penny is vital now, right?

“Parents! You can help get the message across by simply tagging your favourite supermarket in the comments.

“Forget petitions and the like, just give their social media teams something to think about!”

Simon’s post, which clocked up over a thousand likes, has divided opinion.

Marion Tompkins replied: “Totally agree. My local Asda’s is a nightmare.

“Mainly Uber drivers in the spaces. I’d even do it and it would give me a job and great pleasure to fine these people.”

Steph Paterson added: “Here here! I hear myself shouting, ‘funny looking kids!’ Or ‘have you forgotten your kids?’ On a daily basis.

“I tend to leave the elderly or disabled alone as there often is a total lack of disabled parking, but anyone else certainly gets a piece of my mind!”

But Tony Gainsborough said: ” As a parent of four, I can honestly say that I couldn’t care less about the handful of spaces in an otherwise ample superstore car park.

“My legs work. As do my kids’. There are bigger fish to fry.”

And Philip Cable added: “Really?! Get over yourselves. If parenting is that hard for you why produce them?”

Sainsbury’s replied to a parent who forwarded on Simon’s post.

They said they were “really sad” to see the misuse of spaces, but added that fines are not “enforceable by law”.

Speaking today, Simon said: “I believe that there are so many people out there ‘taking the p***’ that employing an enforcement officer, even if just for busy periods, would pay off in the long run.

“Private parking enforcement firms already have the legal and technological infrastructure to ‘fine’ offending drivers, and as long as signage is compliant with the law and BPA regulations.

“It would be a clear sign that supermarkets care about the ‘parent pound,’ and there’s no reason why these officers couldn’t patrol disabled spaces too.”

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