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The Best 5 Thai dating Tips You’ll Ever Read


Thailand is a truly lovely and magical place where love is readily accessible. Dating a Thai
woman is just like dating another woman. However, to increase your chances of bagging a Thai woman’s heart, you will need to pay attention to their deep culture and set of values.

Photo by Max Ducourneau on Unsplash

Still, many Thai women look to dating sites to find love. Before you use this resource to look online for that Thai girl, look through these helpful tips:

Be respectful

Thai women are especially particular about respect, and they will require that from you, even when you meet on a dating website. One of the biggest values of a lasting relationship is respect. Avoid inappropriate slang, topics, and language when you first chat with a Thai woman, or you will quickly put her off and ruin your chances of getting a great woman. Instead, be a gentleman. Show that you care about her feelings and be polite and mindful.

Understand the Thai dating culture

If you are specific about seeking out a Thai woman, then you should be aware of their culture and values, especially when it comes to dating. Unlike women in the western world, Thai women are quite conservative about dating and would prefer the traditional approach of courtship and dating. They hate public displays of affection and will instead feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Moreover, most Thai ladies will prefer that you pursue them. Avoid offending them with
suggestive comments and vulgar language. Never try to make a physical move immediately.

Again, do not come off too strongly as you may scare them. Instead, learn the etiquette
required then take the proper approach. For instance, do not hug her on your first date; greet her with the Thai way, which is a traditional gesture of respect.

Share your intentions from the very beginning

One of the biggest rules of online dating is to reveal exactly what you are looking for. Do you want a wife, girlfriend, or casual hookup? Let her know, respectfully, what you seek to ensure that you get a girl that meets your expectations and to avoid wasting each others’ time.

Impress her

In addition to making the first move, you also want to keep her interested and excited. Get her adorable gifts, such as chocolates, flowers, and cute little notes. Most Thai women are simple and will enjoy such fun and inexpensive gifts. You should not have to spend a fortune to impress her, as the thought is most likely what she will cherish.

Avoid being late on dates

Most Thai girls are perfectly fine with watching a movie together, grabbing a meal, or even a drink. However, avoid being late at all costs, or even worse, standing her up. Being there before she arrives will show that you respect her. If you cannot make it, be sure to call in advance.


Thai women are beautiful, smart, and well-cultured. With these tips, your chances of having one call you back just got higher.