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Experts’ Opinion on How to Achieve 1000 Likes On Instagram Starting Today

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In case you didn’t know already, Instagram is a versatile platform with an impressive database of more than 900 million users on the globe. And this outstanding popularity has been growing since the early stages of the app. It got a lot of recognition from people due to the simple concept on which it functions.

All you ought to do is take an interesting photograph, add an enticing hashtag, and share it with your followers. And because this concept attracts a lot of engagement, many businesses turned their attention towards using Instagram in their online marketing endeavours.

So, no matter if you have a personal or business account, likes are key to succeeding on this platform. Still, many users find it quite challenging to attract engagement on Instagram. And if this is your case too, rest assured we’ve got you covered. Up next, you will discover main insights on the best tips to get 1000 likes on Instagram as fast as possible. Let’s see how you can improve your social media account.

  • Never compromise on content quality

The most important tip you can get is never to compromise on the quality of your images. The core principle on which Instagram works is the visual cue. This means that if you share a qualitative visual content, your account will perform better. Besides, a less qualitative photograph will never attract the engagement you aim for. Experts say that adding a filter or improving the brightness of a photograph can offer tremendous benefits for your account. 

  • Never forget about the caption’s power

Captions are so compelling that you should never leave that field empty. You have up to 2,200 characters to share your insight on a post. And it would be best if you used it wisely, as captions can attract a lot of attention. As such, this is a great call-to-action tool, in which you can share something engaging to boost the number of likes you receive. 

  • Be consistent with your filters

The secret to Instagram’s success is to make your content identifiable with your account or business. So, using the same filter will signal your followers that the content is yours. Also, it can contribute to a brand’s identity, which in turn will increase loyalty and awareness. 

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  • Be original

Of course, even though it is highly recommended to edit your content, it is always best to avoid over-doing it. Balance is a key to success, while being original can improve your account’s engagement, too.

  • Use colours to your advantage

Recent market data revealed that using the same colour scheme for your posts not only increases awareness but also adds a lot in terms of engagement. Also, studies show that photographs in blue shades can get more likes by 24%. So, before you share content, it is always best to analyze how it fits in the colour scheme you already used for your posts. 

  • Focus on uniqueness

Instagram is filled with accounts and content shared from everywhere on the globe. This means you should always think about why other users might choose to engage with your profile. And besides this, you should strive to come up with innovative ideas that will entice your followers. You can create a contest or encourage people to share their opinion about your account. 

  • Focus on your niche

Becoming an authority on the field in which your business performs is necessary. As such, you should aim to follow accounts that suit your niche and believes. In this way, you will signal people that you have in-depth knowledge about your business field. Besides, you can always encourage your followers to ask questions about the area in which you perform. This will get you a lot of attention, which in turn will boost your brand’s trustworthiness. 

  • Expand your audience

Even though you have a particular audience in mind, it is always best to think ahead and consider expanding your target group. Sharing content that can be useful for distinct audiences can significantly boost your account’s activity.

  • Consider getting involved in another’s account activity

Since the middle of 2019, Instagram attempted to add a collaborative tool in which you can contribute to someone else’s account. As such, the best strategy for 2020 is to find an account of a popular individual and manage it for a day. This will get you both benefits, while followers will get access to additional information, which they might find useful. It is a potent marketing technique that can increase your brand’s visibility.

  • Don’t forget about featuring other accounts

It would be best if you always used Instagram as a tool to aid others. This means you shouldn’t always strive to overcome your competition, but rather to learn from their approaches. Also, you can share interesting content from them, which can benefit both of you.

  • Always add hashtags

Hashtags were introduced to help with your account’s discovery rate. So, you can start by adding local hashtags that can aid your potential audience to interact and discover your account. Afterwards, you can move forward and include popular hashtags related to your niche. And, of course, you should always keep your Instagram business account public. 

  • Location is useful, too

Lastly but not the least important, adding location to your posts is extremely helpful. Besides increasing the number of likes you receive, you will attract the attention of your local audience. This can boost your local popularity, which in turn can improve your visibility. 

So, these are some of the most useful Instagram strategies you should implement in 2020. If you carefully follow those, you can easily manage to receive up to 1000 likes for your posts starting today. The secret is to share qualitative and enticing content that will make users interact with your account. Of course, if you’re new to this and look forward to increasing your account’s visibility faster, you can always easily buy Instagram followers. In turn, it will lead you to the desired goals in the shortest possible time.   


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