Aldi customer goes veggie after “finding chicken’s food pipe” as she prepares Sunday lunch


AN ALDI customer says she is giving up meat for ever after finding “an oesophagus” hanging out of her chicken.

Connie Luna’s revolting pictures show a worm-like object protruding from the bird which she insists is the deceased fowl’s food pipe.

The 21-year-old mum chucked the entire chicken in the bin rather than the oven and she and her family had to make do with vegetables and potatoes for Sunday dinner yesterday.

Connie, from Wolverhampton, bought the chicken from Aldi’s Goldthornhill store in the West Midlands city.

She only realised the worm-like object was the gullet when the cord kept on coming out as she pulled it with a spoon.

The oesophagus can be seen clearly protruding from the chicken.

She shared the images to Aldi UK’s Facebook page last night captioned with: “I’ve shopped at Aldi for years, and like every supermarket sometimes the odd bit of veg is a bit off but you can let that pass.

“But then you get a rancid Christmas Turkey (luckily we had a beef joint from Sainsbury’s too) and now a medium chicken for Sunday, half de-feathered and half butchered.
“No, that’s not a worm. It’s the oesophagus. Honestly think you’ve forced me to become a vegetarian.”

The chicken was purchased from this store in Goldthornhill, West Midlands.

Speaking today, Connie said: “I was very shocked, revolted and mostly confused as I first thought how on earth did a worm get in there? I was slowly going off meat anyway and it’s completely done the job for me.”

Several Aldi customers complained last year about their Christmas dinner being ruined as they were left with “rotten” birds for the meal.

Outraged shoppers took to social media to slam the supermarket giant as they were still in date until boxing day.