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Can you play lottery online in the UK?

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The use of internet technology has changed all spectrums of life. You can now shop, learn, play games, share photos and connect with buddies online. Lotto gaming is not any exemption. 

However, the online lottery is not legal in all countries. Countries such as Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE and North Korea have strict anti-online lottery laws that can land you a jail term of up to six months upon breaching. But, can you play the online lottery in the UK? Here is what you need to know. 

Is online lottery legal in the UK? 

Online gambling in the UK is legal but a highly regulated industry. Anything related to online poker, casino betting, sports betting and lottery-style games fall under the purview of the UK Gambling Commission, a watchdog formed by Gambling Act 2005. 

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With just a computing device and internet coverage, you can play the lottery any time online. You don’t need to worry about being intercepted by a chatty neighbour or getting to a licensed trader before they close down. 

Additionally, you are free to engage the services of any sportsbook whether local or international. You don’t need to worry about whether they are licensed or not since the bulk of that work lies with the Gambling Commission. 

Who can play the online lottery in the UK?

Anyone can play an online lottery in the UK. However, to sign up for a membership with any bookmaker or website, you must be of age.  This is a legal requirement that aims at protecting teenagers against future harm or exploitation.

Secondly, most sportsbooks accept punters from across the country and any other part of the world. But, you may not be able to claim your prize for tickets bought online as a punter from another country. This rule excludes small winnings that are automatically credited into your online account seconds after winning. 

Do not stress yourself out in the street looking for a trustworthy and licensed sites.  Always go for top online lotto betting providers. For example, Lottoland is the UK’s biggest online lotto betting provider and is well regulated. Next time you think of betting, just roll up your sleeves, choose top and licensed UK-regulated site, and make a bet at the comfort of your computing device.

Benefits of online lotto gaming in the UK

  1. Easy to Purchase Tickets

You may have gone to the physical retailer and encountered a lot of trouble there. Perhaps there were too many people and long queue. This can be avoided by using online platforms to play the lotto. All you need is your smartphone/computer and internet connection. With the click of a few buttons, you are set. You will easily purchase a ticket and wait for the big day.

  1. Records Are Always Kept

When you play lotto online, there is always a record of your “lucky numbers” or bets. That way, even if you forget the numbers that you put, there is a record. If you are indeed a winner, you will receive your prize with no hassle.

Better still, when such records are kept, you do not have to cram the numbers. Therefore in case you wish to use them again, they are always saved on your account.

  1. You can Purchase Tickets Anywhere at any time

Sometimes, you are far from a retailer, but you still want to play the lotto. With an online lotto account, you can do this from wherever you are. There also may have been instances where you wanted to play, but the retailer shops were closed. With online lotto, you can purchase tickets at any time you please.


Nowadays, everything is being done online. That is why there is a high demand for online lotto platforms. You can choose from the numerous licensed gambling sites available in the market and play. You never know, you might be lucky and win.

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