The battle of bendy bus: driver jumps out of window and throws passenger to ground following “smack talk”


DRAMATIC footage shows a bendy bus driver brawling with one his passengers in the street.

The driver is seen throwing the passenger to the ground before the man gets up and the start exchanging punches.

The bizarre battle erupted on a bus in the Caerau area of Cardiff  on Tuesday when an argument between the pair escalated into physical violence.

The enraged Cardiff Bus driver is said to have jumped out of his window to get at his “smack talking” passenger.

The incident was spotted by a passing motorist who posted the footage to social media.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, captioned the footage: “Welcome to Caerau.

“How has the driver hopped out the window as well? I’m crying.”

In the clip, the man filming can be heard exclaiming “Obviously not” as the two men are seen locked in a tussle at the side of the bus.

The driver, dressed in black, then grabs the passenger by his collar and slams him to the ground.

The passenger rolls across the floor before springing to his feet.

The two square up to each other for several seconds before the passenger tries to punch the driver in the face.

The driver swerves and is hit on the side of the head, but immediately strikes the passenger back.

The two square up to each other for several seconds before the passenger tries to punch the driver in the face.

The two then break apart and as the clip ends, the passenger is seen adjusting his glasses before walking away.

Many social media users were unsurprised by the behaviour.

Referring to the neighbouring district of the Welsh capital, @B_Lampert_CCFC wrote: “Of course, it’s Ely.”

Louie Rees added: “God bless Caerau.”

And Jamie Latham said: “Leave the bus driver alone up there mun.”

Speaking today, the passerby confirmed the altercation began following “smack talk” from the passenger.

He said: “He jumped out of his window and started fighting. Think it was just smack talk and the driver lost it.

“He jumped out on some mission to floor the guy.

“To be honest the bus drivers do get a lot of stick off random people all day every day, but you can’t beat up every person that does it.

“I just thought driver was silly for getting out and possibly losing his job over something that could have been avoided if he drove off.”

A Cardiff Bus spokeswoman said: “Cardiff Bus are unable to comment at this time.”

A spokesman for South Wales Police said initial checks suggested the incident had not been reported to them.