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NewsMum claims Aldi shampoo left her son covered in sunburn-like rash

Mum claims Aldi shampoo left her son covered in sunburn-like rash

A MUM-of-seven has hit out at Aldi after her 10-year-old son was left with “burning skin” which she claims was caused by the retailer’s hair care products

Reece Mason from Dudley, West Midlands, sustained the red painful rash after using Aldi’s 85p Lacura Spring Emerald shampoo and conditioner on Monday [10 Feb].

His mum Donna, 37, says that Reece used the product twice and both times been left with the rash pictured.

Photos show Reece’s upper body covered in sun-burn like patches which he says were hot to touch.

Reece’s skin was hot to touch

His neck, back and shoulders are raised and red leaving the youngster feeling like his “skin was on fire.”

After getting no response from the retailer, Donna took to social media to complain.

She posted a photo of Reece’s rash with the caption: “Just wondering whether you have changed any ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner, as me and my family have always used this product.

“The last two times my 10 year old has had a shower and bath he’s had a reaction to it.

“First time I didn’t think much of it as was only slightly red, I asked him what he had used in the shower he said only this.

Reece developed the rash on two occassions

“Second time was a lot worse when he got out the bath and his skin was burning I again asked what he had used an he told me literally just these products.

“I’ve tried contacting yourselves through email an your Facebook page with no joy sadly.”

Donna’s post prompted concern from another social media user.

Kimmie Aldrige wrote: “This is bad. Poor lad. Must have really hurt.”

Speaking today, Donna said: “It was straight away it happened the first time in the shower, it was only a light rash.

“Then again after a bath he got out an said ‘mom my skin’s burning’, so I looked and saw this.

“I asked him both times what he used and he said I’ve only used this.

Reece had used Lacura shampoo and conditioner

“He described it as a really bad sun burn and he said his skin was on fire.

“It was really uncomfortable for him and was hot to touch.”

Aldi replied to Donna’s message on Facebook assuring her their products “comply fully with the require cosmetic safety regulations.”

They said: “It is not possible to rule out individual allergies, we have declared all ingredients on the packaging to help consumers with their choice.

However, Donna said she was unhappy with the response.

She added: “As I stated in my reply my son Reece doesn’t have any allergies what so ever.

“If he did I would have known by now as he is ten years old.

“I replied to their message with batch numbers, bar codes etcetera and still didn’t get anything back so I’m not really happy.”

Aldi have since apologised for Reece’s experience.

An Aldi spokeswoman said: “All our health and beauty products are dermatologically tested, and we can reassure Donna that the ingredients have not changed.

“We were sorry to hear about her son’s experience with this product.”

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