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A Beginners Guide – Digital Nomad Guide


One can never imagine the life of a digital nomad. So who is a digital nomad? A digital
nomad is a person who does not rely on a fixed income to earn his living. He relies on
digital income that he generates periodically and he travels a lot to corners of the earth
with that income.

Hence it is a characteristic of this person not to have a permanent
address. These people are wanderers and they travel the length and breadth of a country as per their travel preferences and choices. This is the way that you can have the best digital nomad guide.

Now you must be wondering how a digital nomad earns his bread in such a scenario. It
would be surprising for you that it is quite possible nowadays in the era of advanced digital
technology. They perform the assigned task of various work forms on their computer and
do the submission. And they get well paid in against of the work they do.

This is how they earn their bread and butter and live as per their preferences. This article is going to be a digital nomad guide for beginners and well aware of our readers about the life of a digital nomad.

Kinds of employment for nomads

In a nutshell, digital nomads are freelancers. They tend to take u projects online and they
complete it as per desired timings. But the only difference is that there is no particular
timing or shift in which they have to work. They do it as per their schedule but yes it is
important to complete the task in a stipulated period. So those kinds of stuff that allows a
nomad to travel to different places attract them a lot.

These kinds of assignments are photography, film making, consultation, free license article writing. These are only for giving an idea to our readers what kinds of opportunities allow people to live such a life. There are numerous kinds of work a digital nomad can undertake as per his expertise and education.

Does a digital nomad work hard?

Many people believe that this kind of people their life to the fullest. They go to the most
happening parties and beautiful locations; they sit on the beach and work just for a couple
of hours a day. This is not true. They also have to work hard to make money. They also
work for a similar amount of time as a salaried employee. But yes when they get paid then
they have a lot of fun activities to undertake. This is by an large because they tend to work
from aloof or exotic locations. They need not ask for leave or make travel arrangements to
enjoy the magic of a tourist destination as they live at one. And if a nomad gets bored then
he changes his place. This is the beauty of leading this kind of life.

It is gaining popularity

To be true it is not the result of the kind of employment, it is the kind of life you can live
attracts the young generation. What is the biggest requirement of a human being who is
employed? It is freedom. Everyone likes to earn a lot. With that they want to have fun, they want to travel the world; they want to have time for family and friends. But in reality, a regular job in the private sector does not allow this luxury. They pay you for the work you
undertake and for your time. Hence doing what you dream of for most of your life becomes
a distant dream. The life and employment pattern of a digital nomad solves this problem. It
allows you to travel and enjoy your life with work. This is what makes it special for those
who want to indulge in this kind of activity.

Benefits to the companies

The reasons behind its increasing popularity do not confine to individuals or aspirants. It is
equally beneficial for a company. It is always more cost-effective for an organization to hire
a freelancer than to set an office at a remote location. In the current scenario, many
companies are into project management. They tend to take projects of various domains
from other companies and provide their services to them. Now just imagine the situation of
a company that is running short term projects in different geographical locations.

Hence they can’t build an office for a short duration. In this case, they hire professionals
who can work from their locations and work as a team in delivering the project in the given
period. This has also allowed the companies to partner with the best taken across the
globe. And the technological growth that humans have made is the prime driving force of
this change.

Whether you want to be a one

This kind of life can attract many young brains and hearts. Who would not wish for this
kind of work culture wherein you have ample freedom to live your life? This is a kind of
employment that allows you to be you; you can have loads of personal space and time for
yourself. If you wish to be a digital nomad then you need to prepare yourself for all kinds of
situations. There are many prospects and consequences of being in such a profession.

Hence one needs to make up his mind by making an informed decision. We will never
recommend our reader to take any impulsive decision as this can be life-changing stuff. In
the first go learn about the lifestyle of a wanderer and start saving money. The best way is
to take a break from your regular job and test this kind of employment and life for a short
duration. It will allow you to understand the life of a nomad well. Then you would become
well equipped to take a long term decision.

So, in this article, we have tried to cover many aspects of being a digital nomad. Our readers can treat this article as a digital nomad guide and if anyone of you is willing to try this stint then it contains all the important points one needs to ponder.