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5 Tips for senior men wanting to look younger

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As you begin to age, you might notice a little bit more weight around the midsection than you’d like and you have deep lines and wrinkles around your forehead, eyes and mouth.

Unfortunately, aging is something that you won’t be able to control, but you will be able to have a say when it comes to how you look. There are many different things that senior men can do in order to look younger and more vibrant.

Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Losing weight can help to improve your physical and mental health as well as how old you look. Being overweight or obese ages you and causes you to look a lot older than you actually are.

The same can be said if you’re too thin and lacking muscle. By losing weight and gaining muscle, you’re able to turn back the hands of time while adding years to your life. You’ll feel sexier, more attractive and will be more willing to show off your gorgeous, new physique.

Take Control of Hair Loss

Hair loss is an incredibly common problem that most men face after the age of 30. Thinning hair can cause you to feel badly about your appearance, and it’ll make you look a lot older than your age.

Caffeine, biotin and saw palmetto have all been found to help with hair loss. These options are more natural than many of the products you might have used in the past and results are quicker and more noticeable.

Change Your Wardrobe

The way that you dress can either make you look young and vibrant or old and outdated. Changing your wardrobe can be as simple as going out and buying some new shirts or completely getting rid of the clothes that you have to start fresh.

You want a wardrobe that is clean, modern and appropriate for your age. You don’t want to buy clothing that is too young, as this can do the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Take Better Care of Your Skin

Your skin can truly show all of the signs of aging. Even as a guy, it’s important to take better care of the health of your skin. This means putting an emphasis on cleansing and using a quality moisturizer that will help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are also a myriad of different vitamins and supplements that you can use to help improve the health of your skin. Applying a sunscreen before heading outside can prevent sun spots and premature aging when you’re planning on being out there for long periods of time.

Ditch Bad Habits

Bad habits, like smoking and drinking alcohol in excess, can both have an effect on how you look. Smoking prematurely ages you and causes you to appear older than you actually are. Alcohol can do the same, since it dehydrates and causes a red, puffy and swollen appearance to your face. Getting rid of these bad habits can be easier than you might think, and it’ll do a world of good when it comes to your body, face and health.

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