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UncategorizedHow Does Video Conferencing Technology Benefit Your Business?

How Does Video Conferencing Technology Benefit Your Business?

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The world is changing. Each day there’s a new way to do something and a new tool to use for every single process, with every step another advancement in the journey towards a more streamlined and sophisticated way of operating in every single way. Modern technology continuously evolves, and with it, businesses that rely on this technology must also continue to grow and advance alongside it. In a business capacity, technology is used as a tool for working, connecting, communicating, and collaborating. Video Conferencing has become one of our most used tools throughout digital industries – it streamlines communication and takes the stress out of organising face to face meetings whilst also eliminating the subtle facial cues and differences in tone that can be lost in translation when communicating through a written chat. With video conferences, you can combine visual and audio elements to create a meeting scenario that’s as good as being face-to-face without having to travel across the country, or further, to have the conversation.

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Cisco Webex

Another option when it comes to video conferencing technology is Webex, which was previously known as Cisco Collaboration. These simple, yet intelligent, solutions are designed with the user in mind – it’s all about making teamwork easier and bringing people together to work more intuitively as a team. Integrated audio and video technology makes Cisco Webex a popular choice for business across the country – these features make video conferencing as easy as can be, allowing you to easily join, create, and manage calls to ensure you’re always on topic and ensuring that everyone has the chance to put their information across.

Webex devices are tailor-made for collaboration – whether you’re looking for desk tools, room setups, or whiteboarding solutions, there’s a Webex device that allows you to collaborate in a way that suits you.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Teams Rooms is a platform that makes collaboration easier than ever before. Used as a replacement for Skype For Business, the platform harnesses all of your favourite features and has fantastic integration with other Microsoft packages – this makes document sharing, chatting, and syncing with colleagues incredibly easy. One-Click Join is a hugely important feature for Microsoft Teams Rooms devices – it’s a feature that allows you to join and utilise calls in a simple click, taking away the hassle of complicated video software. With a Teams Rooms enabled space, you’ll easily be able to video call with clients, colleagues, and suppliers in an instant, whilst harnessing HD video and clear audio throughout. The intuitive touch screen device is ideal for those who want a streamlined look for their conference rooms – the central console is compact and sleek, looking great in a modern setting.

Surface Hub 2

The first device to consider is the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 – this high powered tablet is fast becoming a favourite across industries thanks to its incredible power and sophisticated features that make it the perfect form of collaborative technology. The tablet is available in both 50-inch and 85-inch sizes, there’s something for every different type of meeting room, from small huddle spaces to large conference spaces.

The reactive screen operates perfectly at any angle and can easily allow multiple users to work on the same project at once – this is sure to enhance collaboration and encourage your teams to work together for a more effective outcome. In addition to its high-powered design, the Surface Hub 2 can also be taken on the move thanks to the external battery pack and stand; this gives added versatility to your meetings, meaning you can take them anywhere you need.

Surface Hub 2 features a beautiful 4K display and intelligent speaker and microphone system – this make video calls a seamless and intelligent scenario where everyone can engage and immerse themselves in the conversation without being spoken over or unseen.

Video collaboration is something that every modern company now uses as a form of communication, whether it’s internally or externally. No matter whether you’re a small startup looking to work more creatively or a larger company that uses conferences to address different branches, video conferences are a tool that can make communication clearer and easily accessible to all.

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