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How to Reduce Your Risk of Catching Coronavirus

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Flu season is well upon us with colds and coughs spreading quickly between friends, family members and colleagues. And as well as trying to avoid that frustrating winter flu, we now have a new virus to worry about which is coronavirus. The deadly virus started in Wuhan back at the start of the year and has spread since around the world.

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With coronavirus cases reaching a staggering 60,000 worldwide, it’s more important than ever to ensure you are protecting yourself from catching the deadly virus as well as the common flu illnesses that occur at this time of the year. However, a lot of people are not making simple changes which could prevent them from catching the virus.

System Hygiene offer some top tips you need to help you reduce your risk of catching coronavirus.

Wash your hands regularly

It’s so easy to forget to wash your hands when you are busy during the day. You might carry on with your tasks despite being in contact with a person or object. Therefore, you should make sure you wash your hands regularly during the day. It’s so important that you do wash your hands so that you can get rid of any potential germs you might have picked up from someone else.

As soon as you enter your home or get to your destination, take those few moments to wash your hands thoroughly with soap. That way, you know you have washed away any germs before they pass on to your body and to others,

Avoid touching your face

A lot of us don’t even realise that we touch our face during the day. But every time you do move your hands to your face, you are potentially spreading germs from our hands which could cause viruses. After all, they will then get into our system straight away if we touch our mouth.

So to help protect yourself from viruses like the coronavirus, make sure you keep your hands down by your sides until you can get to a sink. That way, you can wash away the germs quickly without putting yourself at risk of catching the virus.

Carry around hygiene products with you

It’s so important that you are prepared to wipe away any germs which might have reached your hands during the day. You might not have access straight away to a sink so it’s important to have a hand sanitiser with you at all times. That way, when you have come into contact with a person or surface which you fear might be contaminated, you can quickly use some hand sanitiser which will wash away the germs.

Place this in your pocket or handbag so that you have it with you when you are at home and when out and about. It’s also ideal to place on your desk at your workplace. That way, you can quickly wash your hands without leaving your desk. Also, it’s worth carrying around some surface cleaner with you when out and about. That way, you can wash your table or desk before placing your hands on the surface. You could also carry around some anti-bacteria wipes which will stop bacteria getting anywhere near you.

Avoid busy places

It’s always worth skipping a particular route if you want to reduce your risk of catching coronavirus. Instead of getting on the tube, why not head for a casual walk instead. Why not take your car into work instead of using public transport? Avoiding close contact with others in crowded areas will help you to try to avoid this deadly virus. The World Health Organisation has said that you should stay at least 1-metre distance between yourself and other people who might have the bug so you don’t breathe in the virus.

Remember to always seek medical care as soon as possible when you feel unwell.

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