Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Amazon driver making £20 delivery of doormat and hair dye hits customer’s house after “forgetting to put handbrake on

A DOZY Amazon driver was captured on CCTV crashing his van into a customer’s house after “forgetting to put his handbrake on”.

Rob Clarkson, from Preston, Lancashire, couldn’t believe his eyes when the delivery driver, bringing a £20 order, failed to stop the van from rolling into his house on Monday.

The bungling driver had been inside the vehicle at the time collecting a parcel when Rob watched in horror as the van rolled down the driveway.

The driver momentarily pushes the brakes slowing the car down.

But then it appears he forgets to put the handbrake on, causing the heavy van to continue rolling straight into the front of Rob’s house.

The Amazon van did permanent damage to the wall of the house.

Horrified Rob had been standing at the door and watched the whole incident happen whilst unable to do anything.

Rob has now got to wait on house builders to come and inspect the damage after the impact cracked through bricks, mortar and guttering.

Rob shared the CCTV clip onto Facebook yesterday (WED), writing: “When your driver failed to apply his handbrake on Monday, and his vehicle rolled into my house damaging brickwork and guttering I expected some assistance.

“It’s now been two full days since I reported it with very little response? Not even an apology from your driver.”

Speaking today, Rob, 48, added: “We had ordered a hair dye and a doormat and when the driver came to deliver the items at the door I noticed he just had a small item. 

“I said he had forgotten to bring the doormat so he went back to his van to get it.

“He started reversing down the driveway, kind of stopped and then kept reversing back.

“He’s either been looking at something and not paying attention or he has been looking in the back of the van to get the parcel.

The damage done to Rob Clarkson’s home.

“As it’s rolling back I’m thinking ‘he’s going to stop’ then it just kept going.

“The video doesn’t do it justice. The van crashed into it and literally bounced back off. The driver didn’t say anything, he went around and looked up and down and then brought the doormat over.

“I said ‘What are we going to do about that?’ and he said ’’ probably get sacked for this. I don’t care anyway’. Then he went off. He said I should get in touch with Amazon.”

Rob said it was lucky it wasn’t seconds later as his daughter, Ella, had been in the area with the dog.

He added: “The impact has cracked the bricks and mortar so I’ve got the house builders coming to look at it on Saturday.

“It hit all the guttering and the drain but I don’t think there will be any major structural damage.

“This has all come from a £20 order.

“The thing is, he had a rear view camera. The reverse camera that he doesn’t use.

“His manner didn’t change at all. He didn’t even apologise.

“Things happen but it’s about putting things right. 

“He could have called his manager or something but he just seemed to lose sight that there was a customer and it could have been a lot worse.”

Online comments regarding the Amazon crash.

Rishters Polo responded online: “Wtf, you could turn a tank around in your drive, where the flip were they going?”

Keryl Daniels wrote: “Oh dear, thank god for cameras.”

Phill Smith observed: “Think he needs a smaller van.”

And Jules RS asked: “Why was he even in your drive?”

A spokesman for Amazon said today: “We are working quickly to resolve this matter and are in direct communication with the customer.”

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