Wednesday, August 10, 2022
NewsShocking video shows delivery man doing...a random act of kindness

Shocking video shows delivery man doing…a random act of kindness

A DELIVERY driver has been caught on camera carrying out a random act of kindness – protecting a stranger’s car from the aftermath of Storm Dennis.

While members of the profession regularly get it in the neck for late, damaged and misdirected items, a Sainsbury’s driver took Random Act of Kindness week very much to heart.

The man spotted a fence that had been blown loose during the storm and was battering the paintwork of a car parked nearby.

The unidentified worker is seen on camera wedging cardboard boxes from a recycling bin between the fence and car roof.

The owner of the car, Kin Chan, from Luton, Bedfordshire, returned home and was touched to discover the arrangement, which he assumed was the work of a neighbour.

But when Kin – who uses the joke name Far Kinnell on social media – checked a CCTV camera he discovered the touching truth.

In the clip, the selfless driver is shown pulling the fence back before wedging a large green cardboard container against the car.

Wearing his maroon and orange Sainsbury’s uniform, the man then grabs another piece of cardboard from the recycling bin nearby and puts that in between the two again.

After checking that the fence is no longer blowing into the car, the driver is then shown walking off.

Kin shared the video on Facebook, praising the staff member for “making his day”.

He wrote: “To the delivery driver that delivered to my neighbours today, I would like to say a massive thank you for what you have done for me today.

“After seeing that the strong wind had blown my fence on to my car, he went above and beyond to place a couple of boxes between my car and the fence to stop any dents caused from the heavy fence post to the car.

“To you sir, with your blue hat and gloves delivering in the LU2 area, I thank you for your act of kindness even though I was not one of your delivery clients.

Pictured Kin Chan (C) Kin Chan

He added: “You have truly made my day when I came home that evening.”

The clip has attracted hundreds of views and comments from impressed social media users.

Mary George said: “Not all heroes wear capes. What an awesome person.”

Donna Mosley wrote: “ What a lovely person. Sainsburys I hope you reward him.”

And Isabel Freeman said: “Brilliant.”

Sainsbury’s responded to Kin, writing: “I am pleased to read your comment about one of our drivers and what they have done for you and would love to pass this over to their manager.”

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