Friday, May 20, 2022
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Hibs defender Paul McGinn desperate to sample derby atmosphere on the pitch after watching brother John against Hearts

Hibs defender Paul McGinn has an idea of what to expect in tonight’s derby having been a spectator when his brother John starred against Hearts.

McGinn is relishing his first experience of the blood-and-thunder tussles and the prospect of being serenaded by the home fans fans belting out Sunshine on Leith.

McGinn, who joined in January from St Mirren said: “I’m looking forward to it, I’ve seen a lot of them and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it and it’s good to finally get one.” 

“Obviously when John was here they had a lot of good home results, I remember Sunshine on Leith at the end being pretty special.

“They’re all fierce but obviously I preferred the ones when Hibs got the better.

“I would imagine anyone sitting watching these games would think they would be great to be involved in. 

“It’s 100 miles per hour, especially early on. 

“You’re hoping to ride the challenges early on and then start to play our game.

“I’m really hoping for a positive result like John experienced.”

Asked if his sibling – the Scotland and Aston Villa playmaker – had dispensed any guidance on how to approach the game, McGinn said: “There’s no point on trying to dish out advice, he knows the best thing for me is to go and play my game.

“There’s no advice you can give, it’s going to be 100 miles an hour anyway, you just need to deal with it when you’re there.

“He’ll probably wish me good luck beforehand but that will be it.”

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