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How can I pick the best PM solution for my team? (and to my company!)

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A perfect-fit Project Management software will be the solution for your company and your team to run your business smoother. It will help you cut costs, find how your team performs, track all your projects (each step of the way – each process step), increase the productivity and communication inside your team and help you in increasing your reporting capabilities.

It will do all that and so much more! But choosing a perfect-fit Project Management software may turn out as a challenge! Nobody loves changes and they will be resisting this as well… so take care and read below some steps/questions that could help you select the Project Management software solution that would be the best fit for your company:

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  • What do you want the system to do? What problems would you want the system to solve at first? –  what are your expectations? You have to be very thorough and specific about this. Do not be generic, but think of the actual issues inside your team/company that you wish to solve. It is best if you would try and get your team involved in this step as well – if they feel that they are in as part of the decision process, they will be more likely to accept the solution you have all agreed upon!
  • What are the options on the market? Can you grade them out and create a shortlist by looking at the PROs and CONs? – It is crucial here to do good marketing research, look at the reviews (speciality sites like Capterra), see what people that use the systems say. Create a shortlist and put in the PRO/CON points. How can the Project Management software solutions shortlisted can help you? Are the intuitive, user-friendly; do they have good customer support? You must try at this step to think ahead and see what you would need in time, even after the implementation phase. 
  • Project Management Software DEMOs and comparing the prices – Discuss with your team the strengths and weaknesses each time you have a Demo. Once you and your team agree on a shortlist you will also have to take into consideration the pricing and the long-term benefits. Is the implementation price included or paid separately, do you pay per user or per machine (PC, Tablet, Mobile). What can the PM software offer you? How can they help you in the long term? See this as an investment! 
  • THE TIME IS NOW! Decision time – If you were able to answer all the above questions and if you followed our small guide steps/questions, for sure you have got to your final decision. Talk to your team and take the step! The Project Management software that you choose will be the best, the right fit for you and your team! Once you will find it you will wish to stay with it forever – you will wonder why you have not done so earlier… so… What are you waiting for?!

Implementing a Project Management Software that will be good for your team, for your company will bring you great changes in your company. Communication is key and the data flow will be smoother, everything will be in one place and you will be able to track each project at any moment in time, knowing its financial health.

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