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Shocking moment “horrible little parasites” ransack hospice for computer kit in the middle of the night

SHOCKING video shows the moment “horrible little parasites” ransacked a hospice for computer equipment and cash in the middle of the night.

The vile crooks forced their way into Dove House Hospice, Hull, smashing locks and doors.

They are seen in the CCTV footage carrying the 15 boxes of Dell computer equipment away from the building.

The hospice posted the footage of the raid in the early hours of Monday to their Facebook page.

They wrote: “We are devastated to let you know that…the main hospice building was broken in to.

“Over £2000 worth of equipment was stolen, including computer monitors and monitor stands, as well as cash from our onsite café, Dulcie’s.”

The hospice praised the professionalism of night shift staff and said no patient areas were entered during the raid.

In the video, one of the thieves can be seen standing outside the main door to the hospice looking around for anyone who might be watching them.

Over the course of forty minutes, the three thieves can be seen running back and forth from the building to the outer wall of the hospice, stockpiling the computer monitors against the wall.

At one point a motorcycle passes by and the lookout quickly makes his way inside to avoid detection.

Dove House Hospice made an appeal on their Facebook page for any information on the incident that happened.

One of the thieves eventually climbs over and starts carrying the goods across the wall as the other two continue bringing goods to and from.

Lynne Bellamy responded online: “When caught. They need naming and shaming and public humiliation and flogging. They clearly have never watched a loved one fade away.”

Beckii Allon commented: “Devastated about this. This is where my old man was cared for, brilliantly, and spent his last few weeks. What horrible little parasites these people are.”

Tracey Boland posted: “You don’t get any lower than this, how proud must their families be.”

Ginette Gray also commented: “I can’t believe I’m reading this. My Dad passed away in Dove House and the staff and the care they gave him was absolutely fantastic. How anyone could steal from them is unbelievable. I truly hope these low-lives are caught and given the sentence they deserve.”

The thieves made off with the computer monitors via the front wall.

In a statement issued by Anna Wolkowski, chief executive at Dove House, she said: “We are utterly devastated that the hospice has been the target of a break in. Dove House exists to improve the lives of local people and the thought of people wanting to do harm to the good work we do is horrendous.”

Humberside Police confirmed they were called to the scene at 2am but discovered the thieves had fled.

They added: “It is reported that over 15 boxes containing Dell computer equipment was stolen as the intruders broke into the premises causing damage to locks and doors.”

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