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“Turn the f****** alarm off!” -Sainsbury’s alarm system such a nuisance it gets it’s own Twitter page

AN ALARM system at a Sainsbury’s branch has frustrated local residents so much they have given it it’s own Twitter page.

The noisy system has been tormenting residents of Warwick, Birmingham every morning for at least three weeks.

On one occasion the ringing went off size times in one day – totalling 27 minutes.

Some customers have said the constant ringing is now starting to affect their mental health.

Frustrated customers have since set up a twitter page called “The Alarm at Warwick (Saltisford) Sainsbury’s” under the username @sainoswarwicka1.

James Jackson, 29, who set it up, said: “Initially it was a fun way to try and get this annoying alarm resolved.

“It wakes me up every morning between 5:30 and 7am.

“However, as the problem didn’t stop, I began to get a bit more frustrated.”

James created the page on February 5 and it has a variety of videos showing the extent of the issue.

The bio says: “[I] am the alarm. I live on the side of @Sainsburys on Saltisford in Warwick. I like to sound my alarm between 5:30-7:30am in the morning and also late at night.”

A video posted by the page on Tuesday morning at 6:12am shows a Sainsbury’s worker taking items into the store in the dark.

Throughout the duration of the video an alarm can be heard blasting out. One video shows James shouting: “Hey! Turn the f******g alarm off!”

@BattyBunce has commented: “Fingers are firmly crossed and I hope you are ok. I really hope that this is sorted out very soon.”

Another user, @martinstbbs24 tweeted the page on earlier this week (Monday 24th): “Still not sorted haha, this has been going on for weeks.”

A video posted by the page on Tuesday morning at 6:12am shows a Sainsbury’s worker taking items into the store in the dark.

@Patnoodle3 tweeted:” This is appalling! That someone has had to take to social media to get a massive organisation to attempt to meet the very basics of being a considerate neighbour is a savage indictment on the morality of @sainsburys Sort it out or expect repercussion.”

Among the people expressing support for the page is Author Rob Temple, @RobTempe101, who said: “This account just followed me. Sounds like an absolutely rubbish situation. Hope something gets sorted out.”

@MarkTiff said:” @sainoswarwicka1 is planning on sleeping later…….. let’s see how that goes depending on when your alarm system in Warwick Sainsbury’s decided to start sounding!”

@JamieGrayPhoto commented: “As someone who has also endured/endures late night alarms, 5am bin collections, next door nightclubs etc this seems minor to some but for those affected it can have a huge detrimental effect on quality of life, mental health, and body health. I hope this is resolved soon.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We have apologised and reassured the resident we’re looking at ways to minimise the disturbance.”

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