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NewsFood shoppers revolted by "green chicken meat" found in birds sold by...

Food shoppers revolted by “green chicken meat” found in birds sold by big four supermarkets

SHOPPERS at the UK’s “big four” supermarkets have posted revolting pictures of “foul” green chicken meat inside their roasts.

The “chemical”-looking tinge has been reported online in chickens sold by Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons.

Various photos show the meat tainted with a putrid, green stain that runs deep into the flesh.

The discolouration is almost certainly the result of “green muscle disease”, a condition caused by birds flapping their wings too much. Supermarkets insist the meat is safe but customers have been left sickened by the discovery.

Among them is Tesco customer Kelly Smith from Yateley, Hampshire.

Amber’s Morrison chicken left her sickened

The mum took to social media to warn others on Monday [2 Mar], posting photos of her green chicken with the caption: “Everyone be careful eating chicken from Tesco!

“I’ve just cooked this and when I cut into it I found this! It’s bright green looks like a chemical in the meat!”

Kelly’s post sparked disgust among social media users.

Beckie Kirk replied: “That’s enough to put anyone off cooking a chicken or even eating it.”

Leisa Farrell added: “My good god whatever is it [vomiting emoji] let us know what they say it is I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Natasha Probert, who bought a cooked chicken from the deli at her local Sainsbury’s in Biddulph, Stafforshire also reported a similar problem.

She posted images of the £5.50 chicken urging Sainsbury’s to get in touch, saying: “My rotisserie chicken is green!”

Amber took to social media to complain

Similarly, Twitter user @Gilly45 complained of the same issue.

She tweeted a photo of her chicken purchased last month.

Sainsbury’s customer service team apologised to Gilly, saying: “Sorry about the green chicken!

“Green muscle meat is not harmful but certainly not appealing and is off putting” and promised to look into her complaint.

Morrison’s customer Amber North was left “feeling sick” after cooking her roast chicken only to cut into it and find the meat tinged with green.

She wrote on Twitter: “The smell made me feel so sick! Lucky our children didn’t eat any before we realised it was green.”

Sam Mundell from Gosport, Hampshire also spotted green flesh in her Asda chicken purchased on 15 February.

Sam’s stomach-churning meat bought from Asda

The meat’s green appearance is thought to be the result of a disease called Deep Pectoral Myopathy or Green Muscle Disease.

It occurs when birds flap their wings too vigorously, resulting in muscle fibres being starved of oxygen and turning the muscle green.

It is more common in broiler birds who are kept inactive for long periods of time, as their circulatory systems cannot cope with short bursts of exercise.

The meat is still safe to eat, but results in the unpleasant green colouring which is only discovered when the bird is cooked and cut into.

Sainsbury’s have since apologised to the customers.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “We have apologised to Natasha and Gilly for this rare, unpleasant find and are investigating with our supplier.”

Morrison’s have also apologised.

A Morrison’s spokeswoman said: “”We are sorry to hear about this.

“We are yet to receive the chicken back from the customer so are unable to confirm exactly what has caused it.

“We have apologised for the inconvenience, offered her a full refund and offered her some More points as a goodwill gesture.”

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