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NewsPrince fan outraged after Boohoo T-shirt turns Purple Rain star bright orange

Prince fan outraged after Boohoo T-shirt turns Purple Rain star bright orange

A PRINCE fan has hit out at Boohoo after she ordered a t-shirt of the late singer – which arrived looking like he had been Tango’d.

Tru Hucknall bought the Prince Purple Rain Licence T-Shirt from the popular retail store last week and expected to receive what the model was wearing on the website.

Boohoo promote the £13 graphic t-shirt on their website as having the official Purple Rain, Prince and the Revolution album image emblazoned across the front.

But when her parcel arrived, Tru couldn’t believe her eyes when she noticed that Prince had been changed to a vibrant shade of orange reminiscent of Donald Trump.

The 36-year-old from Rotherham, South Yorkshire said the company made Prince look “such a state” and described the error as “tragic”.

BooHoo T shirt gave the star an orange face – and what the firm said it would look like

She was even more surprised when Boohoo responded back to the complaint and said they actually preferred the orange version of the star.

Complaining on their Twitter page, Tru wrote: “I am never shopping with @boohoo again.

“The fact that my Prince t-shirt turned up bright orange was bad enough, but how their customer support chose to handle it just wow.

“Honestly @boohoo do you find bright orange faces acceptable?

“It is terrible and must be bootleg.”

Images on the Boohoo website show their model wearing the Prince t-shirt which looks the same colours and print as on Prince’s iconic Purple Rain cover.

Tru posted a photograph of the t-shirt she received alongside a photograph of what was advertised online – showing noticeable differences.

The t-shirt worn by the model shows Prince as he featured on most of his memorabilia showing his natural complexion – without his sign printed on the motorcycle.

Photographs of what Tru received show the late artist looking like he has been given the Trump treatment with a glowing neon orange face.

BooHoo T shirt gave the star an orange face in the famous album cover t-shirt.

A Boohoo representative named responded to Tru’s complaint via private message on Twitter writing: “Hey Tru, I am sorry to hear this but looking at images this is the exact same t-shirt as advertised online but the colours on the actual top are more vibrant.

“The images online are for advertising purposes only and the colours may differ than online and appear less colourful than what shows due to editing etc.

They added: “I personally do prefer the colour on the item received as this will still show after being washed etc.”

Boohoo was asked to comment on Tuesday but has still not responded.

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