Friday, May 27, 2022
NewsRevolting moment Tesco delivery man vigorously scratches his backside for over eight...

Revolting moment Tesco delivery man vigorously scratches his backside for over eight seconds while handling food order

REVOLTING video shows a Tesco delivery driver caught vigorously scratching his behind while handling a food order.

The disgusting video, recorded via a doorbell camera, was discovered by Chloe Mackenzie from Guildford, Surrey when she returned home from work yesterday.

Sales support worker Chloe decided to review the doorbell footage after she missed her Tesco food delivery and was horrified by what she discovered.

In the clip, a man in a Tesco vest is seen waiting on Chloe’s porch with a basket of food next to him.

He shuffles about uncomfortably, before starting to scratch his backside with his left hand.

Before long he is using both hands to vigorously rummage around the seat of his trousers, arching his back to get a better reach.

He continues scratching for a full eight seconds before eventually ringing the doorbell again.

After getting no response, the driver is seen bending down to pick up the food delivery as if to return it to the van.

A furious Chloe ,27, took to social media to complain to the retailer.

She shared the clip with the caption: “Not sure what Tesco thinks good customer service is, but scratching your a**hole when delivering food is definitely not acceptable!

“Would not recommend their grocery delivery service unless you fancy poo particles in your dinner!”

Chloe posted the Ring footage onto her Facebook page.

A Tesco customer service worker replied to Chloe’s post saying he was “sorry to hear that this had happened” and promising to look into the matter.

Another customer service worker added that it “shouldn’t have happened.”

Speaking today, Chloe said: “I felt sick, I just couldn’t believe it.

“I’m not happy with Tesco’s response, they haven’t even confirmed if we’ll be refunded yet

“I’m looking for a full refund and for Tesco to train the delivery man on customer service.”

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