Monday, June 27, 2022
NewsMoment bungling Amazon delivery team destroy lawn with their van

Moment bungling Amazon delivery team destroy lawn with their van

VIDEO shows a bungling delivery man destroying a family’s lawn with his van.

The driver, who was delivering for Amazon, got stuck in the garden and took an hour to get out of the property.

He left behind a lawn with deep gouge marks from where the wheels had dug into the rain-soaked grass.

Worst of all, the wrecked garden doesn’t even belong to the person who was expecting the delivery but to their neighbours.

The bizarre footage was captured by Kevin Ashton at his home in Dudley, West Midlands, last night (wed).

The 50-year-old mechanical engineer shared the footage to social media, complaining: “What a f***** b*end. Would you turn round on someone’s front lawn ffs? Amazon delivery driver.”

The video shows a silver van pull into the driveway and one of the passengers jumping out to hand over the parcel.

The driver then reverses. But rather than use the T-shaped space designed for the manoeuvre, he swings the front wheels over the rain-sodden lawn. Turf and mud can be seen flying as the wheels spin.

The driver and his accomplices had to use boards and planks of wood to gain traction against the wet ground.

Another clip shows the delivery team using planks and sheets of wood in order to gain traction against the soft ground to get themselves out of the situation.

After finally getting the van off of the grass, the men can be seen washing their hands with bottles of water.

Lee Kempson responded online: “What a t***.”

Roy Temple said: “This requires the full video sped up with Benny Hill music.”

Ben Dixon posted: “Why not just reverse out the way he came in? Or stay off the drive all together?”

Speaking today, Kevin said: “It’s a dead end and it happens often but this is the first time anyone has got stuck. Idiot.”

Kevin’s daughter, 19-year-old Sophie today said: “It is completely and utterly disrespectful for what this driver has done.”

A spokeswomen for Amazon today said:  “We are working closely with our delivery service provider to ensure this matter is resolved as quickly as possible and are in direct communication with the customer.”

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