Sunday, May 22, 2022
NewsTeenager posts shocking pictures showing her horse's flowing mane hacked off by...

Teenager posts shocking pictures showing her horse’s flowing mane hacked off by mystery attacker

AN angry horse owner has posted images showing how the creature’s magnificent, flowing mane was chopped off by a mystery attacker.

Destiny Tait from Alnwick, Northumberland, was heartbroken to find Bell’s tail hair had also been hacked away.

The 19-year-old’s pictures show the Cob’s characteristically long mane has been jaggedly sheared across her forehead, leaving her with a stubby fringe. The horse’s tail was also clipped to half its former length.

Previously, seven-year-old Bell had been blessed with a long, flowing mane typical of the Cob horse breed.

Video taken before the incident shows Belle tossing her glossy locks whilst trotting happily in her field.

A furious Destiny took to social media to appeal for information.

She posted pictures of Bell with the caption: “Not normally one to put a post on Facebook, but cannot believe that someone has took it upon themselves to climb into my horse’s field today between 10 and 2 and cut all her mane and tail off.

“Don’t know if anyone knows anyone who walks around Alndyke with dogs or anything?”

Destiny’s post sparked outrage among social media users.

Faye Spours wrote: “How nasty can some people be!”

Fiona Holden added: “What the hell would someone get out of doing that? There’s some sick folk around mind.”

And Donna Cairns replied: “Mind there’s some brain dead sick folk going around.”

Destiny and Bell before the hair was chopped.

Some online commenters also suggested that there may have been a financial motivation behind the attack.

Paul Thomson said: “Could be someone upholstering antique furniture. Horses’ hair much sought after and quite expensive.”

Horse hair can fetch around £14 per pound when sold online, where it is used for craft and other purposes.

Speaking today, Destiny said: “I’m shocked! I can’t believe someone would go out of their way to do such a thing.

“I first felt like it may have been someone ignorant thinking that her hair may have been in her eyes, but she is a traditional cob and they all have long manes.

A furious Destiny took to social media to appeal for information.

“But when I saw they had taken chunks of her mane and attempted her tail it made me think that it may have been more malicious.

“I didn’t even realise that horsehair was in such value. I think if that is the case as to why they’ve taken it, it’s quite a low thing to do.

“Horses have a mane and tail for a reason, to protect them from the elements, and now Bell has nothing so I’m dreading summer when we get all the flies about.

“I’m devastated as I wanted to show her this year which most likely won’t happen anymore.”

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