Terrifying moment “brain fart” motorist swerves across motorway and safety markings after missing turn


TERRIFYING footage shows a reckless driver swerve across motorway traffic and chevron markings after missing their turn.

The dashcam clip shows the “brain fart” motorist comes within feet of causing a serious accident as they force another car on the slip road out of its lane.

The close call happened on the M3 outside Eastleigh, Hampshire and was caught on camera by Stephen Williams.

55-year-old Stephen managed to capture the erratic driving on Monday morning (2nd) and subsequently uploaded the video to Facebook on Thursday(5th).

In the video Stephen can be seen travelling south on the M3, a double lane exit can be seen to his left.

As Stephen approaches the end of the exit road, a silver Citroen Grand C4 speeds up the outside lane beside Stephen.

The Citroen then quickly shifts across three lanes of traffic and narrowly voids a collision with a Land Rover Evoque Convertible.

The Evoque has to erratically swerve to avoid the two cars colliding.

The driver of the Citroen has came under massive amounts of scrutiny since being posted online.

David Mzioued said: “What a f****** numskull that is a person who shouldn’t have a licence. This is why insurance premiums go up because of idiot drivers like this one.”

Jordan Rodwell commented: “Needs licence taking away.”

The two cars narrowly avoided colliding on the slip road.

Jason Cromwell posted: “F***** d**. Another one that should do his or her duty by not procreating.”

Kenneth Coulthard said: “Lunatic.”

Speaking today, Stephen said:“Seems this car driver had a brain fart. Why they couldn’t have slowed and filtered behind in behind is beyond me!!

“I’ve had this happen quite a few times on the same junction. It was this near miss that made me share it.”