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8 Great DIY Projects to Create with Glue

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Everyone seems to be hopping aboard the DIY, or Do It Yourself, bandwagon. With all the great blogs and images of amazing DIY projects more and more people are jumping in and adding their own creative  touch to the mix and saving money too.

One of the easiest ways to make great looking DIY items is to gather some cool supplies and grab some glue. While glue can certainly be useful for fixing things around the home, excited crafters and creators are finding it is an invaluable tool in the world of DIY projects.

Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

Create Custom Hangers for Clothes with Straps

Hangers can be great for hanging up regular shirts or blouses. If you need to hang up clothing with straps, though, you will likely see your item slip right off the hanger. With glue there’s a cure for that.

Simply add multiple lines of glue to the upper part of the hanger on either side. Then, when you hang clothing with straps they will be held perfectly by the strips of glue.

Decorator Storage Baskets from Boxes

Glue is the ultimate tool for making DIY easier. If you want to save money and create some decorator storage boxes just grab some glue, an empty box from a delivery, twine and some white muslin fabric.

Wrap the twine around the box, gluing it every couple of inches. The white fabric becomes the liner and presto you have a beautiful storage basket.

Copper Pipe Laptop Table

With some copper tubing and copper elbows, you have the start of the perfect DIY laptop table. Measure the pipe and glue the elbows on to create the stand. Once that has set, you can attach the wooden base using specialized glue called liquid nails. You will save lots of money doing it yourself.

Kid’s Creation: Wind Powered Car

Kids are always looking for fun projects to make. A large zipped storage bag, some straws and sticks, plastic spools, glue and rubber bands are most of what you need to create a custom wind powered car.

Grab a fan as your energy source and you’ll be ready to host your first kid’s car race. Other interesting ideas on using glue for kids’ projects can be found online.

Keep Sandals from Slipping

It’s really annoying, and can be dangerous, when things slip on tile floors. If you would like to create slip proof sandals instead of spending money on new ones, you can add glue to the ridges on the bottom of the sandals. It’s an instant no slide solution.

Beautiful Solar Mason Jar Lights

In less than 30 minutes a DIY’er can create their own solar mason jar lights. By making it yourself you will save money on the lights and solar will save on your electric bill too. For this project you will need glue, small mouth mason jars and solar stakes you can get at most home improvement stores.

Designer River Pebble Bath Mat

It’s always fun to transform you bathroom into a spa! With epoxy glue, a selection of pebbles or river stones and a floor mat as the base you can create a river pebble bath mat that is beautiful to look at and will also massage your feet. Placing a heavy object on the pebbles will help keep everything in place while the glue sets. You will find another great home design idea here.

The Perfect Glove for Petting Your Cat

When you have a cat you know that shedding can leave cat hair all over your clothing and the sofa too. If you take a kitchen rubber glove and add dots of glue all over the fingers and the palm, you have an instant anti-shedding tool. When it’s time to pet your cat simply put the glove on and it will effortlessly trap the loose hair and leave kitty happy too.

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