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BusinessA Pioneering Dentist Promises to ‘Transform the Industry’ With New Partnership

A Pioneering Dentist Promises to ‘Transform the Industry’ With New Partnership

ONE of the UK’s top dentists who has pledged his life’s work towards developing the profession has now partnered with Scotland’s largest dental group.

Renowned Ayrshire dentist, Dr David Wiseman has teamed his practice, the Art of Dentistry in Prestwick, with rapidly-growing Clyde Munro, an entirely Scottish-based and Scottish-focused dental group which now boasts a portfolio of 40 practices and treats more than 300,000 patients across the country.

David gained acclaim as one of the first dentists to endorse implantology in the 1980’s. He later achieved the highest level of award from the International Congress of Oral Implantology in 1993.

The Art of Dentistry – which caters for thousands of patients – was set up by Dr Wiseman in his home town of Prestwick in 2007. He and his team of four provide treatment from cosmetic dental makeovers to high quality routine dental care.

Priding himself on pushing the boundaries throughout his career, David said: “I have always tried to exceed the limitations within this profession in order to stay at the top of the game.

“It’s important to me to continue developing new techniques and state of the art procedures that the wider industry will benefit from.

Dr David Wiseman’s techniques were pioneering during the 1980’s. Photo: Jamie Williamson

“The biggest challenge I find is continuing to adapt and innovate, but it is one that I relish. If I’m faced with a problem, no matter how unusual, I try my hardest to find the solution which is a serious commitment.

“It takes a lot of work but I don’t stop until I find the answers I’m looking for, even if that means traveling the world to find them.”

Now widely celebrated among the industry for his revolutionary developments in the 1980’s, David was initially met with some doubts in the sector for the feasibility of his ideas. However, the doubts soon diminished as he soon became one of the leading names in dental implants in Scotland.

David added: “In the 80’s and early 90’s the idea of dental implants being a feasible treatment was not widely lauded. In fact, it was a difficult time in convincing the profession that this would be the future.

“I spent a lot of my working career perfecting the techniques of dental implantation in order to realise the success of the method.

“My determination led me to prove that this was a viable option. Every day, it fills me with pride to know that my work may have changed a life for the better.

“Knowing that I have the ability to make people confident, or more sociable, or even happier gives me a huge sense of pride. It’s why I love my job, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see the changes and positive impact my work has on people.”

Jim Hall, founder and Chief Executive of the Clyde Munro group, said: “Dr David Wiseman and the Art of Dentistry is a huge asset and a very welcome addition to our ever-expanding network of family dentists. Known for being an influential figure in dental implantation, David’s professional record speaks for itself.”

Like all practices among the group, the Art of Dentistry will retain the name and identity it has built over the years, while enjoying the benefits of being part of a bigger group with help from business functions such as HR, accounts, marketing, compliance and facilities management.

Jim added: “Everything we do at Clyde Munro is about delivering the best possible dental care to all of our patients across Scotland, so we are absolutely thrilled to have a number of renowned dentists to support us in realising this vision.

“What David has achieved in his career is nothing short of remarkable, his expertise will provide an unrivalled insight into the world of dentistry, and we look forward to developing a productive relationship with the Art of Dentistry team.”

The father-of-five is looking forward to joining the Clyde Munro team and is hoping to continue his work in revolutionising the dental industry.

David said: “It is great to be part of something bigger and personally it’s a huge opportunity for me.

“Clyde Munro is building a platform that will help benefit the industry as a whole as well as the people of Scotland, particularly those in remote and rural areas. It’s an exciting time. We’re going to develop new ideas that will transform the industry.”

Clyde Munro was founded by Jim Hall in 2015 with the acquisition of seven practices. Since then, it has enjoyed rapid growth through acquisition and has plans to continue expanding.

It currently comprises 40 practices across the country, with over 170 associates (dentists) and employing more than 320 staff.

Its ambition is to become Scotland’s “local dentist”, operating an expanding network of family dentists across Scotland, with each devoted to providing the best dental care, while reflecting the needs and character of its community.

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