Hibs players told not to report to their training base for a week as Leeann Dempster reveals coronavirus strategy


HIBERNIAN have instructed their players to stay away from their East Lothian training centre for the next week in the wake of Scottish football’s coronavirus shut-down.

However, chief executive Leeann Dempster has vowed to ensure ‘the wheels of the club’ continue to turn at Hibs ahead of their eventual resumption of fixtures.

Dempster, addressing supporters on their official website last night, also emphasised that no players or staff have shown signs of the coronavirus.

“We’ve instructed the players to be off-site for the next week,” explained Dempster.

“After the news of the postponement came through, we were able to talk to the players, the coaches and everyone who works down there [Hibs’ training centre].

“We spoke to them as people – not as players and coaches – to help them organise their lives and our lives.

“Importantly, we’ve put some protocols in place that keeps the big wheels of the club turning. It keeps us ready for when the games resume and I hope they will resume.

“But we have to remember that everyone has families and concerns.”

Specifically addressing the decision to halt football, with Hibs having been due to host St Johnstone on Saturday, Dempster added: “It’s totally the right decision.

“No-one really knows where this is going at the minute. They don’t know how long it’s going to be or what the consequences might be.

“Football is important in everyone’s life but it’s not the most important thing in everyone’s life. We’ve no issues at all with the decision. We’re supportive of it.”