Hilarious snap shows housekeeper hoovering 5ft sand dune blocking house 20 yards from beach


A DETERMINED housekeeper has been photographed hoovering up sand from a five foot high sand dune.

The intrepid cleaner, named Rose, was captured getting stuck right in with her vacuum to tackle the enormous mound at Summer Cottage in Elie, Fife yesterday (WED).

Holidaymakers had initially been trapped inside the property after the huge pile of sand blew across from Elie beach – 20 yards down from the holiday let.

Owners of the property had to rush out to let the holidaymakers out – before their cleaner took on the challenge of tackling some of the five-foot high pile of Scottish sand.

Darren Peattie, who runs local company East Neuk Salt Co., whipped out his camera after walking by and spotting Rose in the midst of her clean-up operation.

He posted the photograph on Facebook, writing: “Elie in the East Neuk of Fife, offers residents a private beach with each house on windy days.”

A DETERMINED housekeeper has been photographed hoovering up sand from a five foot high sand dune.

He added: “I was just passing and had to take the pic as I thought that’s no a job for a hoover. 

“To be fair the girl said she was just cleaning the entrance and that’s the story she is sticking to.”

The post attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from humoured viewers.

Paul Ashton said: “That’s going to take some hoovering up.”

Darren Red McGregor wrote: “Wouldn’t like to see that size of [the] cat that uses that tray.”

David Stamp said: “Good for self isolation…”

Callum Munro wrote: “She’s gonna need a bigger hoover.”

And Lorna McMillan said: “Wowee, clearing that lot is free upper-body strength training right there.”

Tara Macdonald, who owns Elie Holidays Lets, said: “The property is about 20 yards from the beach but it sort of comes around a corner and gets stuck there.

Sands sweeps up the curved street and is deposted outside the cottage.

“We’ve had some sand come around before but never that much. There’s been some high winds lately so more and more has just got stuck. 

“Our housekeeper was trying to hoover up as much as she could of the sand that had spilled inside.

“She does a great job.

“The council are meant to be coming out tomorrow to get rid of the rest.

“When the people were staying there they had difficulty getting out. They couldn’t get out so my husband went and helped them.”

Tara shared the photograph on the Elie Holiday Lets page, writing: A bit of sand is not unusual outside Summer Cottage but this mountain of sand is enormous.

“Council coming to shift but Rose, still hopeful, is trying to hoover the hall.”