Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsNow Asda are putting security tags of £1 bottles of soap in...

Now Asda are putting security tags of £1 bottles of soap in the toilets to prevent theft

An ASDA shopper has spotted a security tag on a bottle of hand wash in a ASDA superstore store in Newmains, Wishaw.

Laine May spotted the bottle in a bathroom in the store earlier this week (Wednesday)

Laine tweeted the incident saying: “Coronavirus UK, the world’s gone nuts… public toilets in ASDA Newmains, 59p hand soap.”

The images show a 95p bottle of Carex hand wash which has attached to the neck of bottle a large security tag.

Speaking today Laine said today:”I honestly burst out laughing as the world has gone mad, especially when I’d just witnessed two grown men fighting over toilet roll.”

@dtstem wrote: “That looks like it should just slide off the top, add some soap to it. On my way.”

@JasonBoon15 commented: “Sad reality of the world in which we live…If it isn’t nailed down its getting nicked.”

@WhingerP commented:” A cunning Security System clearly designed to prevent theft by those that have not yet mastered the use of screw-caps.”

Newmains Asda.

But one customer challenged the practice of washing hands for self-protection.

DavidC_420 commented: “It is stupid, washing your hands mainly protects others not yourself. People touch their face too much for it to be effective in protecting oneself. It actually helps stop you contaminating surfaces if you are infected. Giving soap to others will protect you more than keeping it.”

It follows the discovery of a bottle of hand soap in a Tesco store in Bedworth, Warwickshire, which also showed a security tag had been attached.

Asda have been approached for comment.

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