Dramatic pictures show “largest bladder stone” removed from dog in vet’s 21-year-long career


DRAMATIC photos show how a vet removed the “largest bladder stone” he has ever seen from inside a dog.

Conor Donnelly, from Armagh, Northern Ireland, shared the jaw-dropping photos showing how he removed “tennis ball sized” lumps of “bone” from the poorly pooch.

The 45-year-old vet says the bladder stone was “hands down the biggest I have ever seen in 21 years of being a vet.”

An X-ray shows the bladder of Springer Spaniel Susie containing the gigantic calcified lump.

Another image shows the massive “fist-sized” stones compared to the length of a pen.

The final picture shows Susie up and about two hours after the life-saving operation.

Conor had to inflate Susie’s bladder

A delighted Conor took to Facebook to share the story on his vet’s page, Orchard Vet Armagh.

He posted the photos with the caption: “A bit of an interesting case at orchard today!
“Pictured is Susie the Springer spaniel, up and about 2 hours post surgery.

“She had the largest bladder stone that I’ve seen in 21 years of being a vet, successfully removed and all should be okay.

“She only got uncomfortable with them recently and was finding it hard to pee. Hopefully many happy years ahead of her!”

Conor’s post was met with praise as well as disbelied online.

Ally Tennent wrote: “Ouch, my eyes are watering.”

Brenda Palmer added: “My goodness, that’s practically a rock!”

Mary Attree said: “Thank you for saving this beautiful girl.”

Conor was gobsmacked by the massive stones

And Susie’s owner, Claire Fox, replied: “Absolutely amazing the whole team at Orchard. Thank you so much.”

Speaking today, Conor said: “Susie started having problems a week ago and we initially treated her for a urinary tract infection.

“When that didn’t go away we took a scan and an X-ray where we inflated her bladder to see the contrast more.

“It was then that we saw not one but two of the biggest bladder stones I’ve ever seen.

“The two of them together were probably the size of your hand or a tennis ball and the consistency of bone.

Susie is recovering well

“She was in a lot of discomfort and if left untreated she would have gone into kidney failure and it would have been fatal.

“It’s an interesting case, it’s hand down the biggest set of bladder stones I’ve ever seen as a vet.

“It’s interesting she wasn’t showing symptoms until about a week ago as they’ve probably been growing for a couple of years. They start off small but it’s like a snow ball effect.

“To see one the size of a marble that would be unusual, so to have one the size of a tennis ball is extremely rare.

“I’ve spoken to the owner this morning and Susie is doing fine, she’s eating and passing water again.”

Bladder stones are created when calcium in urine, rather than being washed out as normal, begins to crystalise.