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Hilarious video shows nurse’s rage after son pranks her into believing he forked out £60 for hand sanitiser

HILARIOUS video shows the moment a nurse rages at her prankster son after he tricks her into believing he paid £60 for hand sanitiser.

21-year-old Ryan Clark from East London faced the full fury of his mum Fatmeh Mohamed, 48, after fooling her with the gag.

As the video starts, Fatmeh is heard shouting over a voice note on Whatsapp.

She rages: “It’s a bloody waste of money! Thing that doesn’t work, just wash your hands with soap and water.”

The nurse explodes, asking repeatedly “Are you mad?” as Ryan’s younger brother giggles in the background.

She rages: “If you want me to sell you hand gel, I can get it from my work place, put it into a container and send it.

“Buy that £60, I hope you are joking. Redeem yourself.”

Also visible on screen is Ryan’s response to her rant, he says :”Are you actually okay mummy? What the hell are you okay woman?”

He then asks her “Do you think I got it for £60?You think I spent £60 on hand sanitiser?”

A tickled Ryan took to social media on Sunday [15 Mar] to share the hilarious exchange.

He posted the clip with the caption: “Told my mum I got sanitiser for just £60”.

Ryan’s post, which has clocked up more than 13,000 likes online, has had social media users in stitches.

@teemillionss commented: “‘I can put it for you in a container and send it” with several laughing emojis.

@Stanonikaa wrote: “I’m in real life tears. She said ‘redeem yourself’ GOD”

@MizukageJevz added: “Imagine bringing so much shame to the family your life giver tells you to redeem yourself.”

And @temit99 said: “If I ever said ‘are you ok woman/are you actually ok’ to my mother, I would be hearing “God when I prayed for kids, I didn’t pray for this.”

Speaking today (Tuesday) Ryan, 21, said: “I had sent a picture of some sanitiser to my mum and told her I bought it for £60.”

“Previously before this we were talking about corona virus and how my university trip to Finland has been cancelled.”

He added: “Her reaction was so funny and crazy, I just had to show everyone.”

“It’s all just a bit crazy cause I really had no clue it would blow up this big.”

The video comes along at a time where previous reports have shown shops and pharmacies are now upping their price on hand sanitiser.

Yesterday a man alleged his local pharmacy were selling a 300ml bottle of Carex hand sanitiser for £24.99, accusing them of exploiting current fears.

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