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Travel Guide: The Top 3 Reasons to Travel in Sicily!


Italy is no doubt the most beautiful and exotic country in Europe. From its culture to food and wine, everything about Italy is so mesmerizing and romantic. On the south coast of Italy, there comes Sicily, its famous and popular island.

Sicily has many things to offer to its visitors, you could die to see the natural wonders it embodies. The cultural treasures, its grabbing art and architecture, sensational sands and beaches have something that can make you crave for it more and more. The island is full of Greek ruins making you fall for history. The summer remains there for a very long time that enhances the travel experience. If you are still in trouble with your next travel destination, here are the top 3 reasons that make Sicily the best place to travel to.

1.     Food and Wine:

Sicily has food with real diversity as it may surely call as regional. With different invaders that conquered this beautiful island, brought with them different cuisine and cooking styles. Ancient Greeks brought figs, olive trees, artichokes, and sheep’s milk cheeses. Arab people introduced citrus fruits, almonds, eggplants, agrodolce, sardines, raisins, and pine nuts. The Spaniards gifted the sweet treats like chocolate and one of the important vegetables like tomatoes.

The Sicilian Cassata, its popular dish having sponge cake, ricotta, fruit, and liquor; tastes like that of Arabs, Norman, and Spaniards. Other than that, Sicily is known for its heavenly wines, especially the fortified wines like Marsala. The winemakers use indigenous grapes like Nero d’Avola, Grillo, and Zibibbo for creating divine and tempting wines. The renowned wineries of Sicily include Tasca d’Almerita and its estate Tenuta Tascante near Etna.

Photo by Samuel Ferrara on Unsplash

2.     Art and Architecture:

Not, just for its food and wine, Sicily attracts visitors through its art and architecture. Sicily has got everything; ceramics, mosaics, cave art and architecture. For remarkable cave paintings, Levanzo, and Egadi Island should be on your visit list. Grotta del Genovese have prehistoric drawings of dear, horses, and tuna, and there are some idols too, found in 1949 dated back to 6-10,000 years.

Another example of Sicily’s artistic embodiment is Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina. It’s a 40-room villa dated back to the 4th-century having hunting scenes, floor mosaics, and gymnasiums. The Great Theatre at Taormina designed in a Greek-style in Syracuse and Ortygia depicting the historic Greeks ruins are eye-catching. Syracuse is located at the southeast corner and Ortygia is an island that is the historical center of Syracuse. The Monreale Cathedral, built in 1182, can take your breath away with its mosaics which shows the scenes from Genesis.

Another example of Norman art is Cappella Palatina, Palermo. It was commissioned by Roger II in 1132. There are luminous and aesthetic mosaics fitted in the ceiling, dome, and the arches, depicting scenes from the Bible and Arab and Norman court life. You would also love to enjoy the archeological park of Selinunte located on the southwest coast of Sicily having Greek architecture and showing its classical civilization.

3.     Sun and Sandy Beaches:

Sicily is divided into three seas, the Mediterranean Sea at the south, the Ionian Sea at the East, the Tyrrhenian Sea at the North West. So, you may have different lively beach experience. Sicily has hundreds of beaches, but the most popular ones are those near Syracuse and Trapani. Scopello, a coastal village present at the northwest corner of Sicily offers Faraglioni which is an oceanic rock formation on the island. Also, there is Tonnara, a lido, providing a whole new beaching experience. The clean and warm water makes you swim anywhere on the coastline, offering secluded sandy inlets, pebbles, rocky crags, and private coves.

So, now you need to visit and no longer wait and sigh. Ring bells? You can enjoy being in a place where there is no city havoc and feel the lightness and calmness these villas offer. Stop in the countryside and let the sea sinks your thoughts. Designed with modern styling, these villas are equipped with private pools. You would then privilege to be at the best sight of the Sicily close to the golden sandy beaches to make the most of your time.