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A company’s educational programme about honey is moving west in Scotland

Webster Honey’s school educational programme is continuing to stride across Scotland, having recently engaged with its first three schools in the West of Scotland.

Beekeeper Meik Molitor recently carried out an Introductory Assembly Session to over 460 children at Garrowhill Primary in Baillieston, his biggest presentation to date. The school is now going on to start a full Ten Lesson Plan, alongside looking after their own Beehive for a year.

Primaries Five and Six at Condorrat Primary in Cumbernauld enjoyed a similar presentation from Meik, and have already decorated a plain white hive in readiness for their bees arriving next month to take possession of their new home.

They too will look after their bees for a year, with Meik coming in to perform regular checks and update the children on what stage the honey making process is at.

And making up the trio is Stepps Primary near Glasgow which has also had a full presentation.

Garrowhill PS Assembly Image Supplied

“We’re delighted to be picking up more Schools in the West of Scotland,” said Meik. “We initially started with Schools and Nurseries in Fife, Lothian and Tayside, but it was always our aim to cover as much of Scotland as we could, and take this Educational Engagement nationwide.”

“We’ve so far had a 100% success rate in the West with our presentations which have been quickly followed by the schools deciding that they want to take the full lesson plan and look after a hive.

All classes are age appropriate. We’re getting positive feedback about the classes and how much the children are enjoying learning about the bees. We’re teaching them not just about the life cycle of the bees, but how important they are to biodiversity and crops.”

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