Tech Firm Surpasses Expectations as Crowdfunding Goes Above and Beyond

Bhas Kalangi and Andrew Gibbon

A UK food tech start-up has successfully raised £400,000 as its first funding round comes to an end – 60% above the initial goal of £250,000.

ePOS Hybrid, which surpassed its target just half way through the campaign, went on to enjoy continued successes with another 89 backers coming on board in the final stages of the fundraiser, bringing the total number of backers to 168.

Bhas Kalangi, Founder & CEO at ePOS Hybrid, said: “The entire campaign has been an overwhelming success for us. Surpassing our goal by 60% demonstrates the appetite investors have for our business as well as the food tech industry as a whole.

“We set out to achieve an ambitious target and we’re thrilled to see such a large pool of investors sharing our vision in transforming the hospitality industry.”

Part of the crowdfunding capital will go towards creating eight new jobs in its Edinburgh-HQ office, with further investment fuelling the business’s aggressive growth activities.

Andrew Gibbon, Head of Growth at ePOS Hybrid said: “To have numerous investors from across the globe backing the business, demonstrates a level of excitement and potential for our technology in the UK and abroad.

“We’re now in an incredibly strong position to rapidly grow and build upon the success we’ve achieved since our launch in March 2019. We’re currently driving towards onboarding 75 new clients per month and we’re forecasting to see this figure almost double in the next 12 months. This investment round will help us hit 2,500 clients by May 2021, generating revenues of over £3.7m.”

Among the Scottish firm’s biggest contributors were a Silicon Valley based company with a $50,000 investment, and a single Australian investor who invested £100,000 midway through the campaign.

ePOS Hybrid successfully secured over £150,000 in private funding before launching its public crowdfund.

The company is projecting revenues of £22,335,000 with a customer base of over 12,000 by May 2023.

At the time of the crowdfund campaign launch, CEO and founder Bhas Kalangi said: “84% of food and drink operators are still using little to no technology in their operations – as a result they’re struggling to meet consumer demand. Crowdfunding will enable us to roll out our technology to help transform more hospitality businesses throughout the UK.”

ePOS Hybrid already boasts an extensive portfolio of clients across Scotland, England and Wales – as well as further afield including India and Australia.

The start-up has become known for its fully modular point-of-sale hardware and software which manages every area of a hospitality venue – from self-checkouts and online & app ordering, to live driver tracking, table management and food waste reporting.

ePOS Hybrid catapulted itself to the forefront of the food tech sector through spotting the gaps in current point-of-sale offerings and becoming the only ePOS provider to offer a range of seamlessly connected products to elevate both client and consumer experience.

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