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Brighton, Birmingham or Manchester: Travel for less by bus

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Train travel in the UK can get expensive—especially if booking last minute. If taking the train is going to exceed your budget, then you should consider travelling by bus.

You may find that the bus journey to your destination is surprisingly comfortable and stress-free. Not only is taking the coach usually the cheapest UK intercity travel option to get from A to B, it is considered a more eco-friendly way to travel in general.

The real plus? You can sit back and enjoy the countryside views while someone else drives, without even carrying on your luggage; the bus driver will keep it in the hold, where the luggage restrictions are more lenient than on a flight.

Finding up-to-date bus schedules and timetables is now easier than ever with the web.  Use Omio, a search and booking platform with bus and coach tickets for all bus companies in the UK. You can make reservations fast and book cheap coach tickets under £10 using the Omio app. Omio is one of the most user-friendly sites for booking trains, coaches and even flights and ferries across all of Europe, the U.S. and Canada.

Here are the tips you can use to book cheap bus tickets in the UK:

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Take the coach

If you are traveling long distances, then you can take a coach. Coaches are by far the most economical mode of transport in the UK. But it would help if you didn’t hop into any coach that is available at the time of your travel. First, ensure you compare ticket prices in advance to make sure you get the best possible price that will enable you to save more money.

Look out for promo tickets

Big bus operators often provide cheap promotional fares. Most of these companies are running the promotional fares in quiet months, such as January or February. You can schedule your travels to these months if you want to save more.  You should also book way in advance if you want to get exclusive deals. It is also worth noting that these promotional fares run out pretty fast, and it would be wise if you plan ahead.

Use a coachcard

In case you are a frequent traveler, then a coachcard will definitely save you a lot of money. You can check for the providers that cover your routes before applying for one. National Express coachcards come in a wide range. Some are designed to be used by students, families, and seniors. If you plan to visit your family more frequently, then a coachcard will offer you the best option for cheaper bus tickets.

The Young Person Coachcards are available to full-time students and any other person who is aged 16 to 26. The cards can save you up to a third of fully flexible and standard fares. You can also get a 10 percent discount if you are traveling to festivals and events.

Change bank accounts

Some banks have promotional free coachcards for their new customers. If you are a student, you can sign up for an account with NatWest and RBS banks, which are offering a free four-year coach card for new account holders.

Book tickets in advance

You could also save money by booking your bus tickets way in advance. Once you have made plans to travel on a specific day of the year, it is wise to make your bookings immediately. Tickets are costly when bought on the D day. Don’t wait; book early if you want to get the lowest prices.

Break up your journey into several stops

There are cheaper bus tickets that involve some detour or bus change along your route. Although it may come with a lot of inconveniences and discomfort, you may want to try using this method if you are really on a very tight budget.

Compare bus tickets

You should check if other bus companies operating the same route are offering cheaper tickets. With smart apps such as the CheckMyBus, comparing bus tickets is not only easy but very convenient and fast.

You may also want to choose a bus bay that is far away from the city Centre. City Centre bus bay tickets can be very expensive. However, before you select your most preferred bus destination or pick up location, consider the additional transport cost to reach your final destination.

Travel off peak

It is cheaper to travel at less popular times. At such times the demand for tickets is at its lowest, and they will be sold cheaply. Typical off-peak times include traveling in the middle of the day or night. You should ensure you avoid weekend tickets as they tend to be the most expensive.

Be flexible;

If you want to get the best ticket deals, then there is a need to be flexible with your travel dates. Scheduling your trip to the middle of the week or in ‘’dead months’’ such as January and February will almost guarantee you the best ticket deals

The Top Cheapest bus tickets in the UK today


Megabus coaches are very popular on the UK roads. The buses feature garish blue and bright yellow branding that is hard to miss. They provide one of the cheapest means of transport to major UK cities. They also offer a 10 percent discount for travelers who book online using their TOTUM/NUS Extra card

National express;

National Express is known to be one of the most reliable longest-running coach companies in the UK. You can rest assured that the bus company will safely take you from one city to another, all at very low prices.

You can get great discounts if you sue the company’s Young person coach card. If you are a less frequent traveler who can use a coach card, then rest assured. The company offers a 20 percent discount on all full price fares if you are a TOTUM/NUS Extra cardholder.


Snap, which is considered as a new entrant in the coach transport industry, came up with a unique way of offering transport services to its customers. Unlike Megabus and Express, snap doesn’t own even a single bus.

The company matches up against different groups of travelers going in the same direction and puts them in independent coach operators.

Besides, Snap allows you to create your own preferred route and share it with people close to you. If you convince enough people to travel your route, then snap will then come on board to provide the means of travel.

You will also get to save a lot of money should you sign up through the company’s snap link, which comes with 25 percent off the price for a return journey.


The tips discussed above provide you with great opportunities to save on costs if you are a constant traveler looking for cheaper ticket deals. You should definitely consider using some of the tips during your next trip if you want to save more money.

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