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Care home fees in the UK explained


Nobody wants to lose their independence, but unfortunately as we get older, we may need a lot of additional help. Care homes provide round the clock care, enabling residents to socialise and maintain a good standard of living. However, they aren’t always financially accessible to everyone.

Here, we’ll take a look at the care home fees in the UK and the additional costs associated with care home living.

What is the average care home fee in the UK?

According to 2019 figures, the average annual cost of a care home in the UK was £33,852. When nursing care was included, this rose to a staggering £47,320 annually. However, the costs do vary around the country, with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all charging differing amounts for care.

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It’s also worth noting that the cost can differ between individual care homes. The fees typically cover the cost of accommodation, meals, laundry, utilities and care costs. They also take into account that care homes are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, when rounded down, it works out as £3.86 per hour for residential based care and £5.40 per hour for nursing care per person.

How do the costs differ throughout the country?

The costs of care homes vary depending upon where you are in the country.

In Wales, the average weekly cost of elderly care in residential homes in £607. This rises to £621 per week for dementia care. This is the cost of just residential care alone. However, if you factor in nursing care too, those figures rise to £801 per week and £829 per week for nursing care.

In Scotland, the figure is higher at £761 per week for residential care and £779 per week for residential care for dementia patients. This rises to £845 per week for nursing care for the elderly and £874 for nursing care for dementia patients.

In Northern Ireland, the costs are much lower at £534 per week, or £546 for those with dementia for residential care. This rises to £691 per week and £715 for those with dementia, per week for nursing care.

In England meanwhile, the costs vary depending upon the county. The South East sees the most expensive fees at £775 per week for standard residential care. The North West on the other hand charges an average £542 per week for standard residential care.

The fees vary depending upon the type of care required and where you live.

Adding up the additional costs

Of course, it isn’t just the cost of the actual care home that needs to be taken into account. There are also additional things to pay for such as mobility solutions and necessities like slippers. This can really push the costs up so it’s important to take them into consideration when choosing a care home.

Overall, the cost of care in the UK can be staggering. It does appear to be a postcode lottery, with some parts of the country paying much lower fees than others. It’s important to take all costs into account before choosing the right care home for you.