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NewsSales executive blasts Home Bargains in hilarious clip after "peel-off" face mask...

Sales executive blasts Home Bargains in hilarious clip after “peel-off” face mask gets stuck and leaves her with “half an eyebrow”

HILARIOUS video shows the moment a Home Bargains shopper is left with “half an eyebrow” after her relaxing “peel-off” face mask gets stuck to her skin.

Louisa Foley from Grangemouth, Falkirk, was left “in tears” after wrestling with the beauty product which left her skin “nipping for days”.

The clip shows the 22-year-old grappling with the mask as it remains stuck fast to her face.

The 22-year-old from Grangemouth, Falkirk shared the comical scene on Facebook last Monday.

In the video, Louisa, who now lives in Manchester, can be seen tugging at the gold face mask which is sold for £2 for a pack of five.

She can be heard grunting and saying: “Right my skin is so f****** red. I think it needs to be short and sharp.”

Louisa rubs her forehead and exclaims: “Look how red it is, that’s not even funny I think I’ve taken an allergic reaction or something.”

She then can be seen pulling the gold mask away from her eyebrows and exclaims: “Just took off half an eyebrow, oh well I didn’t have much to take away in the first place.

Louisa continues to pull at the tight gold mask and says: “This isn’t even me being dramatic, this is genuine pain.”

She then starts to pull the mask away from her cheek, as it finally comes off she says: “Oh yeah!”

Louisa then says: “This is like torturing myself.”

Louise described the face mask as “torture”

Towards the end of the removal she examines her handiwork and laughs.

With only two more small pieces to remove, including her upper lip. She soldiers on.

After much deliberation, Louisa finally removes the upper lip mask and her eyes start to water. She then says: “That has reduced me to tears.”

An aftermath picture shows Louisa’s face looking extremely red.

The sales executive decided to share her experience, posting the footage with the caption:  “In amongst all the Covid-19 panic, have a laugh at my expense.

“Ps never buy or try the peel off gold mask from Home Bargains unless you want your skin to nip for several days afterwards. (The low price of £2 for a pack of 5 masks should have given it away.)”
Gwendolynn Arthur said: “Mega ouch.”

Linda Kerr commented: “Omg Louisa that looks agony.”

She was left with red skin that was sore for days

Della Coutand posted: “Holy s*** balls look worse than waxing.”

And Sarah Stirling said: “Aaaahaha I bought that s*** too!! It’s like waxing your face off.”

Speaking today, Louisa said: “I just simply spread the gold ‘peel off’ face mask onto my face and then felt it tightening over 15 or 20 mins.

“I then began to peel it off and any technique I tried to remove the mask resulted in excruciating pain!

” I knew I was going to have to get it off one way or another and as I was in the house alone I decided to take a video to send to my friends.

“The pain was unbelievable and reduced me to tears as per the end of the video. My skin instantly went red and inflamed as if I had taken an allergic reaction.

“Once I had managed to get it off I cooled my face with a cold compress and then applied a lot of Sudocrem.

“Luckily the next day I was back to normal with extremely smooth skin.”

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