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Tips for writing voiceover clips for a client video


Voiceover script plays as relevant a role as a video clip in the video. In video making, you start with voiceover first and then choose animation so that the screen continues to show actions while the artist is not speaking.

This process ensures there are no pauses. However, writing a voiceover text is not an easy job. You have to keep so many elements in mind to make sure your video delivers the expected goals. Nowadays, you can access an online voice over generator tool to check how your script sounds before going ahead. 

The free tools allow you to check the quality and performance of the voiceover text even before you record it with an artist. These types of platforms usually are easy to use. Some may ask you to copy-paste the taste in a box, select native language or something else, choose a male or female voice, and push the button.

You get other customisation options too. If you feel satisfied, you can get look into the different parts of the production. Anyway, you cannot use it as a replacement for human voiceover. It wouldn’t be able to match such original quality and impact. Instead, you can use this tool to find out the effectiveness of the voiceover text and to sync the images with the audio.

Photo by JK Sloan on Unsplash

Before you reach this level, there are plenty of other factors you need to consider when writing voiceover texts. So, let’s explore them right away.

The tone of the script

The clip needs to have consistency in the text or sound. For this, you have to be conscious of the choice of words. If you take a formal approach, in the beginning, it would be best to adhere to the same throughout the video.

Correct pronunciation

If you are writing a script in a foreign language, make sure to pronounce the names of the people in English to avoid any confusion. You can write a letter in capitals if it deserves emphasis. Similarly, you also have to be clear whether a particular name should be said in English or Russian accent.

For instance, you can think of the search engine “Yandex,” which is a Russian variant. In English, it sounds Yendex. For the convenience of the voiceover actor, you can provide a link where it pronounces a word the way you want. Or, you can spell the word the way you want it to be said.

Total words 

The voiceover script determines the length of the video clip. As per some experts, Russians speak two words per second, and English speak 2.5 words a second. You also have to match the text with the scene.

If you use only one animation in a scene, you can risk boring your audience as they have to watch the same thing for over five to eight seconds. But when there are more images, the audience can remain hooked to the screen. You don’t have to do manual counting. Even a simple MS Word can come in handy here.

Good writing

When you write texts for voiceover, it has to be straightforward and easy to understand. So instead of writing ‘render assistance,’ you can say ‘help.’ Your generalisations have to be descriptive to make them sound exciting and informative. Also, stay away from promoting lies and overpromises. When you talk about a brand, be honest about it with your audience.

Logical sequence

Your audience may not be aware of the brand. So, you have to provide them with a series of information, starting with general ideas to moving into the specifics and then coming back to the public details. Also, be clear about what you expect from your target group. Please encourage them to call to action.

So, this is how you have to think when writing your voiceover text. Since you may have hired a voiceover actor also for the clip, you can hurry into things. Please don’t do this. If you don’t want to go through unnecessary backs and forths, it would be better to test your text on a free online voiceover tool.

See how it fares in terms of audio and impact. If you feel happy the way it sounds, you can proceed with the next step; meet or request your voiceover artist to do the needful. However, if you think the length of the text is too much for a module or there is a need to change the tone, you can make those corrections beforehand.

The online tools prove extremely useful in these cases. They not only speed up your video-making process but also help you to avoid any unwanted interactions with the voice actor. However, make sure you choose the right tool only. In the market, you get plenty of choices, and each of them can function differently. You need to pick something trustworthy, smooth, and easy-to-use.