Wednesday, August 17, 2022
News"Petrified" Amazon workers left in "300 strong crowds" with no hand sanitiser...

“Petrified” Amazon workers left in “300 strong crowds” with no hand sanitiser or PPE, claims trade union

“There is no way Amazon workers can keep a safe distance from each other and hit their productivity targets”, claims GMB Union.

The leading trade union say that Amazon workers are “petrified” of being infected by COVID-19 after being left to work in packed warehouses, without hand sanitiser or personal protection equipment.


People at fulfilment centres across the UK have reported being left in crowds of 200-300 people and having to reuse equipment multiple times with no hand sanitiser available.

GMB Union also revealed that workers have complained over water dispensers being used over and over again without being disinfected and dirty canteen tables with used tissues on them.

Team leaders are also reported to have given feedback without staying two metres away.

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer, said: “We are so angry about this – these workers are petrified of catching and spreading COVID-19 and rightly so.

“Amazon is blatantly disregarding the two metre social distancing rules, there are no masks, no sanitiser and with the vast amount of people working there there’s no way of keeping them from getting ill.

“It’s impossible for Amazon workers to keep a safe distance from each other and hit their productivity targets.

“Amazon has a duty of care – not just to its own workers but to the whole of the British public. “

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