Stunning photos show how DIY enthusiast transformed her stairway for less than £20 while in self isolation


A DIY enthusiast has shared amazing photos showing how she transformed her stairway using eBay mirror tiles, whilst self-isolating at home.

Lauren Stephens, from Rainham, Kent spent just £19 to create the glamorous mirror-effect wall, completely revamping her stair in the process.

Photos show 30-year-old Lauren’s previous plain, white stairway compared with her new “jazzy” wall.

The stairway features dozens of mirror fragments arranged at angles across the side of the stairs.

The stunning effect was created by Lauren in ten hours, who says it was the perfect self isolation activity.

The stairway features dozens of mirror fragments arranged at angles across the side of the stairs. (C) Lauren Stephens

Receptionist Lauren took to Facebook to share the finished product with the caption: “Was bored of my white stairs and didn’t want to wallpaper so I got some sticky-back plastic mirror tiles (it’s not a real mirror so it’s not sharp) off eBay and did this.

“May not be to everyone’s taste but I think it jazzed it up a little.

“All you need to do is paint a wall white and get any mirrored plastic stickers off eBay or Amazon and cut them into random shapes with scissors and stick them on the wall leaving gaps in between so you can see the white paint.”

Lauren’s post, which clocked up over six thousand likes online, stunned social media users.

One group member wrote under Lauren’s post: “Looks awesome”.

Another added: “Absolutely love this as it makes it so much brighter.”

One commented: “I will repeat myself then say borderline genius. I love this.

Another wrote: “Brilliant.”

Lauren Stephens

Speaking today, Lauren said: “It’s a fun thing people could do at home while in isolation or feeling bored.

“The stickers come in squares so I cut them up into random shapes and stuck them on like a puzzle to make it look like a broken mirror effect without it being sharp.

“It cost around £19 in total and took me about 10 hours spread over a few days as I did it.

“Whenever I had spare time it was really good fun and I’m really happy with how it turned out as it’s different and eye-catching.”