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How the Sports Betting Industry is Coping with Cancelled Football Matches and Liverpool Being Crowned as the Champions

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Since the English Premier League announced that the remaining matches scheduled this season will have to be moved at least three weeks from now, there have been talks about how Liverpool would then be crowned as Champions. This is despite the fact that the season hasn’t ended yet.

The League decided to postpone the remaining matches to help prevent the spread of the 2019 coronavirus. The virus is now a problem in many countries and Europe is hit with this very hard. Many sports events happening all over Europe have been canceled or postponed and some of these for an indefinite time.

With many sports events canceled or called off, the sports betting industry is also hit very hard. Many bookies are now struggling in terms of revenues. March used to be a very interesting month for many punters, but for now, it looks like they have to find a different way to gamble.

It’s likely that sports bettors will have to seek the comfort of online casinos for now and many online casino operators are already experiencing spikes in their traffic since the cancellation of many sports events. If you’re a punter and are only used to dealing with online bookies, you can check CasinoGuide and get to know casino bonuses vs sports betting bonuses.

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There still are a few sports matches that are still scheduled to push through but if you feel like you still need more thrill from wagering, you can turn to online casino games. At least until the matches are back on.

The EPL is set to continue on April 4, but things may still change. This week, the league is scheduled to meet and discuss the fate of the rest of the league. It’s hard to say what will happen next, but people are talking about Liverpool a lot.

People have said that Liverpool should already be crowned the Premier League champions this season because it would be unfair if it didn’t happen. However, there are also some who have suggested that the season must be voided if the league doesn’t push any further. This would mean that Liverpool will be denied the title.

The Reds are now on the top spot with a 25-point lead over Manchester City, which is in second place. Definitely, it will be hard to catch up and Liverpool is just really two wins away from being the champions. When this happens, it will be the first time that the team brings the trophy home in 30 years.

UEFA is determined to carry out the rest of the season by the end of June. He said that crowning Liverpool without finishing the season will jeopardize the European places, promotion, and relegation spots. The clubs themselves are determined to finish the rest of the season with a natural conclusion.

With this, it’s hard to say whether Liverpool will indeed be the champions even if the remaining matches won’t push through. The final decision will still have to be made by the Premier League Board. They will also have to consult the result with the 20 clubs involved this season.

It’s also possible that if the rest of the season gets canceled, Liverpool may ask for the championship themselves. If that happens, some clubs may not be happy about it and it would be quite a drama when that happens.

For now, no one really knows when the EPL will be back and what will happen if in case the season gets completely called off.

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