Locals left baffled by “alien” shape spotted in the skies of Greater Manchester


BIZARRE images have emerged of an “alien” flying through the sky in Greater Manchester.

Locals in Wigan were left baffled after snaps emerged showing a strange human-like shape floating through air yesterday.

The images show a dark silhouette suspended against the blue sky.

The shape appears to be in motion and seems to be gliding through the air.

Suggestions have ranged from everything from a “sex doll” to a dinosaur, however many locals believe its origin is extra-terrestrial.

The strange images were shared on Facebook by Matthew Mullineaux, 30, in a community group.

The engineer caught the unusual scene while out walking in the Goose Green area of Wigan.

He posted the photos with the caption: “Only been self isolating for two days but I’ve just seen this in the sky at top of Smithy Brook Road…..can’t be hallucinating already.”

The engineer caught the unusual scene while out walking in the Goose Green area of Wigan

Locals were equally perplexed by the sight.

One user wrote under Matthew’s post: “Looks like a frog ha ha.”

One argued it could be a: “Pteradactyl”.

Another joked: “That looks like a sex doll on helium.”

One group member said: “It looks human.”

While several users suggested the shape was an alien.

Speaking today, Matthew said: “I was getting my daily self isolation exercise in walking in Goose Green, wigan.

“At first I thought it was a parachuter as I saw one the other day. Then I didn’t see the chute. So I zoomed in on my phone to take several pictures.

“I watched for a while just in case it was something that had gone wrong but it didn’t seem to get any closer.

“I was just confused, but common sense is making me think it’s some sort of balloon.

“Definitely baffled me for a while.”