Monday, August 15, 2022
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“Don’t eat it all at once” Woman sent single brussels sprout as part of her online food shop

HILARIOUS images show how a woman was sent just one brussels sprout as part of her online food order.

Jill Savory received the ridiculous offering as part of a home delivery from Sainsburys yesterday.

The mum-of-two had attempted to buy one bag of the veg, but was left with a single sprout.

Jill, from Durham, posted images of the lonely sprout onto Facebook and said: “Got to laugh. I done my online shop today and they only sent me one brussels sprout.

“I obviously wanted a pack, not just one.”

Jill was confused when she found the singular sprout, expecting a packet of them.

Jill added an image of the bag the sprout came in, labeled as weighing 0.028 kg and costing three pence.

The image of the sprout has been well received on social media, where it has since clocked up more than 20,000 likes.

Angela Sims said: “Don’t eat it all at once.”

Mark Sanders commented: “I want you to cook this up into something amazing with this being the focal point of your plate.”

Michelle Hought posted: “You are going to have to be inventive with that.”

And Trunk McCrudden said: “Blame the panic buyers, bloody sprout hoarders.”

Jill says she had used the online shop feature to avoid panic buyers at her local supermarket.

Speaking today, she said: “I have been going to the local shop for bread, milk and basic things, trying not to leave the house.

“I never do online but did not want to go to the shops.

“Took me ages to get a slot.

The receipt from Sainsbury’s shows how the single sprout cost her three pence.

“Even the delivery man said: I don’t know why, but they sent you one sprout.”

Jill is not the first online food shopper who has been subjected to the perils of online shopping

In 2016, One woman complained on Twitter to Sainsbury’s after being sent an all day breakfast in a tin, despite ordering a vegetarian sausage and beans.

Another confused shopper received a cuddly toy chicken, despite ordering an actual chicken to roast.

Sainsbury’s confirmed today that what was delivered was in fact the correct quantity ordered.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “The picker has done exactly as instructed.”

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