Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsTouching video shows kind-hearted neighbour hoisting supplies to balconies of housebound residents...

Touching video shows kind-hearted neighbour hoisting supplies to balconies of housebound residents on London estate

HEARTWARMING video shows a woman delivering coronavirus supplies to her housebound neighbours’ balconies using a rope and hook.

26-year-old Layla Clark was caught on camera yesterday [Thur] as she hoisted food and medication to people on her estate in Bethnal Green, London.

In the clip, filmed by her 11-year-old son Abdul, Layla can be seen standing two floors down from her neighbour’s flat.

She stands waiting to receive a bright orange back which is being lowered down from a balcony above.

Abdul can be heard proudly saying: “That’s my Mum lads, helping the elderly.

As the bag reaches Layla she loads it up and her elderly neighbour can be seen pulling the goods back up.

Abdul continues: “She is delivering his medication. Yeah!”

Layla then uploaded the video to a local community page on Facebook, she captioned her video: “Posting this for awareness, my son caught me helping my neighbour’s today. Bless him.

“When you live on an estate you tend to know who is who, if not by name then by face.

“Well when this all started I thought to knock on the elderly individuals door who live opposite me as I never see them have visitors.

“I am so happy that I decided to do that as they are alone and sadly due to circumstances their children can’t come to them.

“My elderly neighbour said to me ‘you’re the only person to come and knock on my door and ask if we need any help’. This is me delivering their medication and food to them.

“Sharing this to encourage other individuals to look after their neighbours even if you haven’t spoken before.

Layla can be seen filling up the orange bag with essentials for her elderly neighbours.

Just offer your number to them and help in case they ever need it.”

The video has been well received by Facebook users, who have applauded Layla for her kindness.

Shelby Nurthen said: “Well done.”

Danny McLaughlin commented: “Absolutely brilliant.”

Rehana Khan posted: “Well done…appreciate.”

Speaking today, Layla said: “I’ve never seen my elderly neighbours who live opposite me have any visitors and I was worried for them during this pandemic, so I thought it’s best to go call round and offer some help.

“When I got to their door I was invited in, which was kind of them. I explained that due to the pandemic I wanted to offer them some help.

“A week passed and I got a call from them and he was very apologetic, but asked if I could pick up some medication for his wife who suffers from diabetes and other health issues.

“He also mentioned that he has some rope with a hook attached to it linked into a bag in which I can send the items up to him.

“He said ‘it saves me walking up to him and keeps him in isolation’ and we had a little chuckle.

“So when I came back from the shops I sent him up his wife’s medication, some fruit for her diabetes, butter and some tea bags.”

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