Wednesday, June 29, 2022
BusinessHogwarts at Home: Cancelled Fringe magician releases free magic tutorials

Hogwarts at Home: Cancelled Fringe magician releases free magic tutorials

A MAGICIAN whose gig was cancelled along with the Edinburgh Fringe has launched daily magic tuition videos to entertain fans

Kevin Quantum, who was due to perform at the fringe later this year, has decided to produce tutorials every day at midday.

Aimed at “geeks, kids stuck at home or anyone intrigued by magic” the videos hope to transfer new skills during the lockdown.

The Guinness world record holding magician has designed the tutorials to be completed without fancy props and using items in “your stationary drawer and recycling bin”.

Former physicist Kevin said:The Fringe is the highlight of my year, I work for six months to create a show to premiere.

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“I’m gutted it’s cancelled, but I struck upon a way to fill my time and help other parents like myself with kids that are going crazy stuck in doors.

“Magic is an amazing educational tool and I want to teach magician skills – performing, sleight of hand, I want to get you thinking, creating, making stuff.

“Of course, I’m a magician-scientist so I’ll be putting a science spin on it all; not just how it works but the deeper secrets of why it works! Like a weird fusion of Hogwarts and CERN.

“We’ve already made ten videos and the feedback has been phenomenal with over 5000 people around the world now having taken part!

“You’ll not just pick up a new skill for yourself, but you’ll bring joy and wonder to all those around you too.”

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